OQTA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD 31ST OCTOBER 2015 BARCALDINE MEETING COMMENCED 8.06AM Stuart McKenzie – Deputy Chair opened the meeting and advised that our Chair Karen Hanna – Miller would have loved to be here but is currently in New York. Present Franziska Pessier, Jody Barr, Joyce McCulloch, Peter Gogsch, Steve Jones, Brian Mooney, Robyn Stephens, Russell Glindemann, Simon Kuttner, Chanelle Viney, Gail Nixon, Lance Smith, Greg Donavan, Paul Gear, Petina Deman, Madonna Connolly, Lyle Connolly, Bruce Wallace, Michelle Low Mow, Rod Low Mow, Belinda Murphy, Alan Smith, Fiona Warren, Kylie Angel, Vicki Jones, Becky Hoad, Barbara Mason, Maggie den Rondon, Natalie Flecker, Tony Beynon, Jenny Chan, Tony Edwards, Sean O’Neill, Jan Wallace, Georgia Fleming, Megan Swords, Matt Bron, Maureen Scott, Tania Kernaghan, Daniel Walker, Alison Shaw, Linda Tillman, Kristie Barrett, Brett Walsh, Prue Fargher, Katherine Howard, Michelle Ballard, Carmel Meurant, June Kuhl, Stuart McKenzie, Jane Morgan, Soraya Pascoe, Sherilee Honnery, Alleyne Johnson, Susan Turner, Debbie Reid, Jan Robinson, Brian Robinson, Ree Price, John Carpenter, Anita Clark, Raylene Donovan, Doreen Pitman, Julie Groves, Teagan Thompson, Rob Chandler Apologies Karen Hanna- Miller (Chair), Claire Mildren , Dennis Cook (Murweh Shire), Neil Polglase (Murweh Shire), Tony Martin (QFF), Marisse and Richard Kinnon, Graham King (Flinders Shire), Greg Jones, Barb Geisler (Flinders Shire), Geoff Morton (Diamantina Shire), Butch Lenton (Winton Shire), Lindsay Godfrey (Paroo Shire), Chris Conley (Paroo Shire), Angi Matveyeff, Mount Isa, Elaine Jacobi (Treasurer). Moved: Joyce McCulloch. Seconded: Russell Glindemann that the apologies be accepted Carried Ratification of Minutes: AGM 2014 Moved. Russell Glindemann (Barcaldine Shire) Second: Sue Turner (Flinders Shire) That the minutes of the AGM 2014 are a true and accurate record. Carried Constitutional Changes Constitutional changes were required to bring Maranoa into the geographical area of the OQTA.


Charters Towers (also a member) are not part of the geographical area as they belong to two RTO’s. Maranoa resigned as members of the Southern Queensland Country RTO to become full members of the OQTA. Page four to list the Diamantina Shire, then Constitution to be sent out to all members Motion: Subject to the changes above the revised Constitution of the Outback Queensland Tourism Association be approved. Moved: Lance Smith Second: Simon Kuttner (Kinnon & Co). Motion carried ACTION: Changes to be made on page 4 to include Diamantina Shire on the list of Council Members. Once the changes have been made members are to receive the Constitution via email. Chairpersons Report In the absence of the Chair, Deputy Chair, Stuart McKenzie , read the out- going Chairs Annual Report for 2015 Financial Report In the absence of the Treasurer, Financial sub-committee member Natalie Flecker presented the financial report to the meeting. Moved: Daniel Walker Seconded: Michelle Low Mow – That the financial report be accepted. Carried Appointment of auditor. Natalie Flecker nominated O’Regan and Partners to be the auditors for the OQTA 2015/16 Moved: Vicki Jones Seconded: Elaine Johnson Carried General Managers Report Peter Homan presented the General Managers Report A copy of the General Managers report was in the papers presented to all members. Highlights:  Peter Homan GM, advised three board members retiring. Karen Hanna- Miller, Jane Morgan, Brian Mooney  Highlighted that the rollout of outback mates will commence in 2016 as our major  Maranoa is the host town for Australian Regional Tourism Network (ARTN) Convention 2016  Megan Swords was awarded the Australian Regional Tourism Network (ARTN) young professional 2015  Peter thanked the Tourism Events Queensland team for their support of OQTA and all that was achieved through the year. TEQ Director Outback Report Matt BRON presented his report as presented in the papers handed to members. Stuart McKenzie (Acting Chair) thanked Matt Bron and the TEQ team for the support of OQTA and for his hard work and effort on our behalf.


General Business  Expression of Interest to hold the 2016 Tourism awards are now open. Members who wish to apply to hold the awards are asked to request an application form from the Office.  Hosting the Tourism Awards 2016. Changes have been made in calling for applications to hold the awards 2016, to ensure the that there is plenty of time for planning. The successful town to hold the awards in 2016 will be made in February 2016.  In May 2016 the expression of interest to hold the 2017 Tourism Awards will open.  Barbara Mason (Diamantina Shire) asked if general meeting minutes are made available to members. Members can request a copy of the Minutes at any time. Minutes can also be uploaded onto the web site. Action item: Ensure after each General Meeting that the Board Meeting minutes of the OQTA are posted on the member’s web site.  Joyce McCulloch. Congratulated Barcaldine as a great town with a great heart  June Kuhn (Richmond Shire) asked if the OQTA awards could change their dates.. The OQTA awards must be held before the State Tourism Awards RESULT OF THE ELECTION BY POSTAL BALLOT The returning Officer advised the result of the Election. North West: Natalie Flecker Elected unopposed South West: Carmel Meurant Far West: No nominations received. A by election will be held and nomination forms will be sent out to members in the Diamantina Shire. Once due process is completed an election will be held. BALLOT PAPERS That the ballot papers to be destroyed Moved: Lance Smith. Seconded: Simon Kuttner Carried ACTION: Advice the returning officer that they ballot papers are to be destroyed Acting Chair, Stuart McKenzie thanked Brian Mooney and Jane Morgan for being an important part of the board and thanked them for their work over the years and wished them both well for the future. Stuart McKenzie. Thanked outgoing Chair Karen Hanna Miller for her hard work and superb leadership of the OQTA. AGM CLOSED. 9.30am ACTIONS FROM AGM Include Diamantina on the geographical list of the constitution page four Send re written constitution out to members Post all board meeting minutes onto members web site Returning Officer to be advised to destroy ballot papers

Jane Peter Robyn to take out any sensitive material. Peter to post onto web site. Peter


AGM MINUTES, 31st October 2015.pdf

Robyn to take out any. sensitive material. Peter to post onto web. site. Returning Officer to be advised to destroy. ballot papers. Peter. Page 3 of 3. AGM MINUTES, 31st October 2015.pdf. AGM MINUTES, 31st October 2015.pdf. Open. Extract. Open with. Sign In. Main menu. Displaying AGM MINUTES, 31st October 2015.pdf.

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