AGENDA REGULAR MEETING TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE JUNE 7, 2017 Call To Order – This meeting is being called to order in full compliance with the “Open Public Meetings Act”. Proper public notice has been given according to the law. Flag Salute Roll Call OPENING OF BIDS FOR THE SALE OF PROPERTIES LOCATED ON HARVEST LANE Approval Of Minutes:

May 3 And May 17, 2017

Approval Of Closed Session Minutes From July 3, 2002 Through April 19, 2017 (The Closed Session Minutes shall not be released to the public until the reason(s) for their remaining closed is no longer applicable and the Township Solicitor has an opportunity to review them.) Resolutions: 1. Resolution Awarding A Contract To Mark Blauer Of Blauer Associates As Service Provider For A 2018 New Jersey Small Cities Community Development Block Grant 2. Resolution Awarding A Contract To S&R Contracting Plus, LLC In The Sum Of $6,200.00 For a Concrete Floor In the Public Works Pole Barn 3. Resolution Establishing Fees For The Services And Equipment Of The Township Of Deerfield Department Of Public Works Pursuant To Chapter 148 Of The Code Of The Township Of Deerfield 4. Resolution Approving The 2016 Municipal Audit 5. Resolution Amending The 2017 Municipal Budget Of The Township Of Deerfield To Insert A Special Item Of Revenue And Appropriation In The Amount Of $6,048.65 From The Clean Communities Grant Program 6. Resolution Authorizing The Exclusion Of The Public From A Meeting Of The Township Committee To Be Held On June 7, 2017 – Pertaining To Contract Negotiations 7. Other Old Business: 1. Reports From Department Chairpersons 2. Other New Business: 1. Application For Special Permit – Rosenhayn Volunteer Fire Company – Annual Chicken Barbeque – August 6, 2017 2. Other Communications Resolution For Payment Of Bills Public Hearing EXECUTIVE SESSION Adjournment

Agenda 6-7-17.pdf

Provider For A 2018 New Jersey Small Cities Community Development Block Grant. 2. Resolution ... The Township Of Deerfield. 4. Resolution ... Communications. Resolution For Payment Of Bills. Public Hearing. EXECUTIVE SESSION. Adjournment. Page 1 of 1. Agenda 6-7-17.pdf. Agenda 6-7-17.pdf. Open. Extract.

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