THE STATE OF WYOMING STATE BUILDING COMMISSION Governor Matthew H. Mead, Chairman Ed Murray, Secretary of State Cynthia I. Cloud, State Auditor Mark Gordon, State Treasurer Jillian Balow, Superintendent of Public Instruction

STATE BUILDING COMMISSION MEETING DATE: July 12, 2017 TIME: 8:00 A.M. Room 1699, Herschler Building


Call to Order


Commission Roll Call


Approval of Agenda


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes


Financial Reports

Commission Information 6.

Information Update – UW Michael B. Enzi STEM Lab of the Year Award


Information Update – Cheyenne Leases, Capital Construction and Major Maintenance Projects


Capital Construction Budget


Information Update – Department of Health – Representative Larsen


Information Update – Wyoming Capitol Square


Information Update – State Penitentiary


Public Comments

Executive Session 13.

Discussion – Potential Real Estate Transactions

Commission and Ex-Officio Comments Next Meeting Date October 11, 2017 Adjournment

Agenda 07 12 2017.pdf

Page 1 of 1. THE STATE OF WYOMING. STATE BUILDING COMMISSION. Governor Matthew H. Mead, Chairman. Ed Murray, Secretary of State. Cynthia I. Cloud, State Auditor. Mark Gordon, State Treasurer. Jillian Balow, Superintendent of Public Instruction. STATE BUILDING COMMISSION MEETING. DATE: July 12, 2017 ...

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