Adrien Lemaire Full Stack Software Engineer

Experience 2016/10-now  Japan

IT Consultant, Entrepreneur

2016/02-2016/10  Japan

Engineer, ShareWis, Inc

“On a quest to unlock one’s best productivity and efficiency”  MBTI: ENTP  Leadership  Mentoring  Communication

RoR Serverless, ES6 React Native, Redux

[email protected]  +81 70-4006-8514  Osaka, Japan

2015/10-2016/02  Japan

 French (native) English (fluent) Japanese (JLPT n3) German (beginner)

Project Management Architecture System Security PHP / Symfony

 adrienlemaire

2014/06-2015/09  Japan / USA

 November 8th 1987

 Fandekasp  @Fandekasp

⋆ Lean Startup ⋆ TDD, DDDs, BDDs

Software Development Computer Vision Machine Learning Databases DevOps Python

⋆ Python ⋆ JS/ES6/Flow/Redux ⋆ React Native ⋆ Linux ⋆ Git ⋆ AWS ⋆ Docker, Vagrant ⋆ Kubernetes ⋆ PostgreSQL, MySQL

2011/04-2014/08  Japan / Australia DevOps, CI, QA Management Django

2010/07-2011/03  UK Django, HTML, CSS, JS PostgreSQL, Nginx

♡ Aikido 3k, Karate 1d

♡ DYI ♡ Family, parenthood

Automation System for AWS, PT, Github & Slack. API with Serverless. Added new features (authentication, payment systems, premium) across services, including ShareWis ACT learning marketplace and ShareWis snack learning application. New mobile application for ShareWis ACT. Globalization expansion effort. DU Engineer, Rakuten, Inc Worked on O-net, No.1 match-making service in Japan. Started large scale PHP/Symfony migration project, and handled various other missions such as a security Audit. Engineer, Ikkyo Technology K.K, AlpacaDB Inc Core Design, Implementation and Testing, CI & QA, Networking and System Administration. Dataanalysis and R&D missions for several large customers. - Labellio, a deep learning image labeller & model trainer. - Iromo, shopping experience by searching similar fashion items by color and patterns. Director of Technology, Aquasys G.K. Developed a generic framework for marketplaces such as Uruma-work and supervised Odoo (exOpenERP) operations. Handled hiring, training and management of contractors. Web Developer, Fry, Inc Web development on various projects, including updating an E-portfolio for hospitals.


♡ Marathon, Triathlon ♡ Piano

IT Consulting work while working on personal projects, trying to launch a startup. Accomplished software engineer, expertise in: Project/Product management, System administration, Architecture & Core design, CI & QA, Databases, APIs, Backend & Frontend.

International Master of Science, 2006-2011  France / Canada / UK Supinfo International University 2009-2010  USA

Certificate in Operating Systems Development, Dominican University of California

Adrien Lemaire Full Stack Software Engineer - GitHub

“On a quest to unlock one's best productivity and efficiency”. MBTI: ENTP ... Certificate in Operating Systems Develop- ment, Dominican University of California.

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