1 May 2018

Administration and Corporate Management Division Administration and Corporate Management Division Nerimantas Steikūnas

Strategic Planning & Governance Department Michael Lenihan

Finance Department Nerimantas Steikūnas

Staff Relations & Support Department Nathalie Rampal

Strategic Planning & Budget TBD

Procurement Compliance and Support Nigel Gomeze

Talent Acquisition TBD

Portfolio Office Jean-Michel Becar

Financial Support Ulrike Nagl

Staff Matters Daniela Luehrs

Competency Development Karen Roskilly

Central Sourcing Sebastian Asprella

Meetings Support Olivier Duquesne

Quality & Risk Management Mario Benetti

Verification Office Yannis Hagiyannakis

Internal Corporate Relations TBD

Accounting Paola Samassa

Key: Divisions Departments Services / Offices

AdministrationDivisionChart_ema357745_v2.13 as of 1 May 2018 Source: RR_MasterOrgChart_v3.42 as of 1 May 2018

Italic Text ad interim appointment

Administration and Corporate Management

AdministrationDivisionChart_ema357745_v2.13 as of 1 May 2018. Administration and Corporate Management. Division. Divisions. Services / Offices.

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