Nejasayoil L.L.C. About Roberto Garcia-Solorzano I was born in Colombia in 1939 during World War II, at a time of great supply shortages because virtually all Latin America raw materials were consumed in the war in Europe. In 1963 I graduated as a geologist-geophysicist from the National University of Colombia. The price of oil was trading at US $ 3.00 per barrel (adjusted for inflation to 2014 would be US $ 22.84). In the year 1964, I started working for Texaco which had an unprecedented exploration program in the history of the oil industry in South America. At the peak of that activity Texaco operated five heli-rigs in the jungle area by the Colombia-Ecuador border. Rigs were transported by helicopter, each rig took about a total of 260 loads and approximately 4,000 pounds using Bell 204-5 helicopters. During this time I acquired a lot of experience in well site geology, surface geology, play development, logistics and geological elements necessary to trap giant hydrocarbon reserves. I was involved with very large discoveries in Colombia like the Orito field and the Chuchupa Gas Field in the shallow offshore Guajira peninsula, Colombia, in addition to several other fields in Colombia. In August 1972 I obtained a MA degree from the University of Texas at Austin with a mayor in Geology and a minor in Petroleum Engineering. In August 1973 the Oil Business changed completely due to what is called “The Arab Oil Embargo”. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) imposed an embargo against the United States and other countries in retaliation for the U.S. decision to support the Israeli military during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. This event caused the oil prices to escalate that eventually reached more than $100 USD per barrel. This also opened a lot of opportunities to “oil and gas explorers” as “IOC’s” needed people to explore for additional reserves on a worldwide basis. In 1974 I joined Phillips Petroleum Company and worked until my retirement in 2002. Over the course of the 28 years at Phillips I worked a lot of exploration and production projects around the world. I directed exploration groups in several hydrocarbon basins in North America from California to Texas and The Artic Sea in Alaska. I got exposure to a variety of projects from onshore to offshore. Also, I got the opportunity to work on several projects overseas like in Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia and several countries in South America always looking and trying to find giant hydrocarbon “economic” reserves. In 2003 after my retirement from ConocoPhillips I formed a Company (Nejasayoil L.L.C.) to provide consulting for the petroleum Industry. During these 12 years I did business development for companies as well as consulted on the geological merit on basins, countries, prospect, blocks and commercialization of potential discoveries. Also, I developed material for formal courses in exploration and the use of geopressures to predict pore pressure in future drilling locations and to integrate all pore pressure data to regional exploration. I taught several courses to many explorers in Mexico and South America and participated as a guest speaker in various industry conferences. Early in my career I married my wife. She is a jewel that has been supporting me during all these decades in the roll a coaster of the Oil Business. We have three wonderful daughters two of them working in the oil industry, three beautiful granddaughters and one grandson. I am very blessed. Following suggestions from several “explorers” that took my courses, I stared an Exploration and Production blog in 2010 ( to share my comments on the industry events and relate some of my experiences acquired during my career as a geologist exploring for commercial oil and gas fields . My hope is that the information I share on this blog will be useful to others in the industry in their quest to continue to develop further understanding of this exciting, risky, rewarding, and very complicated business., phone: +1.713.518.8590, email: [email protected]

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About Roberto Garcia-Solorzano.pdf
The price of. oil was trading at US $ 3.00 per barrel (adjusted for inflation to 2014 would be US $ 22.84). In the year. 1964, I started working for Texaco which had an unprecedented exploration program in the history of. the oil industry in South Am

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