A Tale of Two Cites Essay Priorities:  Intro: o Attention getter o Logical progression towards claim o Complex, specific, original, insightful claim  Sub-claims are complex and prove claim. o A counter-claim is addressed.  Support paragraphs follow paragraph rubric from 1st term.   Formatting:   

Duplicate the MLA example below. 


Follow the page citation format in the paragraph below: When the passion of Montag’s exchange with the ladies fades, he enters a phase of moral weakness brought on by his inability to hold firm to his new-found convictions. His vacillating emotions are evident in the immediate aftermath of his outburst, when he discovers Mildred had begun burning the books. “But he was not angry now, only exhausted and bewildered with himself” (102). This loss of resolution reveals the shallowness of Montag’s conversion to the world of thinkers and doers. Having yanked the green bullet from his ear moments earlier, his retraction of emotion and will-power leads him back to Faber who both scolds and consoles him. In his indecision Montag actually wonders if Mrs. Phelps and company don’t see things more clearly than he does. He confesses to Faber, “It shocked me to see Mrs. Phelps cry. Maybe they’re right, maybe it’s best not to face things, to run have fun. I don’t know” (104). Faber’s response to Montag’s vacillation is to instruct him, “But, Montag, you mustn’t go back to being just a fireman. All isn’t well with the world” (104). To this, Montag has no intelligent response, but instead pathetically proclaims the inability of his feet to move. So the aftermath of his eloquent rebuke of the ladies reveals growing pains in Montag’s rising moral and intellectual spunk. While progressing toward enlightenment, Montag retreats back into doubt and confusion because his actions have outpaced the strength of his convictions.  

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