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CINEMA WEEK 2015: INTRODUCTION Follow these instructions carefully before you hand in your work. No work will be corrected if it does not follow the guidelines provided. This document describes the main characteristics of the compulsory task, which will evaluate your participation in the Cinema Week organised by the Department of English. If, for whatever reason, you were not able to attend the screening of the film, you are invited to use alternative sources of information, but under no circumstance will you be excused from handing in your work. The table below provides a list of school years and the correspondent films that were shown during the Cinema Week. Click on the hyperlinks to receive more information: 1st and 2nd years of ESO

Every Child (1979) - http://goo.gl/w5Lyt9 Harvey Krumpet (2003) - http://goo.gl/IKxUcA Granny O’Grimm’s (2008) - http://goo.gl/bxFIF2 French Roast (2010) - http://goo.gl/JOZ1Ns Let’s Pollute (2011) - http://goo.gl/YufrkI

3rd and 4th years of ESO

Remember the Titans (2000) - http://goo.gl/msVCi8

1st year of Bachillerato

The Great Dictator (1940) - http://goo.gl/p4PU5D

2nd year of Bachillerato

Invictus (2009) - http://goo.gl/nShjU7

Instructions 1.

Use the “Answer Sheet” document to do your work. No manuscripts will be accepted.


Make sure that the work you hand in to your teacher does not exceed a single page in length. You are allowed to print on both sides of the page if necessary. Restrict yourself to the space provided and do not modify the formatting of the page. Also, use Times New Roman size 12.


Write your name and surname, year and class, and title of the film or short film you saw, in the space provided. For those students who saw more than one film, as in the case of 1st and 2nd years of ESO, choose only one.

I.E.S. A Xunqueira n. º 1 - Department of English



Once you decide on the film you are going to work with, use the table below to select two pictures taken from the film. You should download those two pictures to your computer and copy-paste them into the answer sheet in the order you consider most appropriate.


Every Child (1979)


Harvey Krumpet (2003)


Granny O’Grimm’s (2008)


French Roast (2010)


Let’s Pollute (2011)


Remember the Titans (2000)


The Great Dictator (1940)


Invictus (2009)


Once you have chosen the two photographs, you have to compare, contrast, comment, criticise them, or draw any parallels with your daily life, personality, beliefs, country of origin, or opinions.


You will be evaluated on the appropriateness of your choice in light of the accompanying written work, the accuracy of the language you use, the richness of your vocabulary, and the clarity of your ideas. It goes without saying that the previous criteria will vary depending on your school year.


Your work must be original. If you use of any external sources, such as Wikipedia, film analyses, specialised webpages, books, or magazines, remember to quote your source, especially in those cases where you are using someone else’s words or ideas.


This compulsory task is to be done individually. Group work will only be required in later activities. Therefore, it is one task per student. Again, no exceptions.


When you finish, print your answer sheet and give it to your English teacher. Deadline: Friday, 6th March 2015.

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