New Special Education Administrator Academy MCEC February 10, 2016

Bill’s Leadership Principles Bill East, Executive Director, NASDSE • Be true to your mission. • Do things with follow-up in mind. • Ask more than tell. • Spend your time with positive people. • Seize your opportunities. • Make others successful. • Take the high road.

Seize your opportunities

John’s 8 Management Essentials John Copenhaver, Director, Center for Technical Assistance for Excellence in Special Education (TAESE) • Meetings • • • •

Only when necessary. Develop an agenda with a purpose. Make sure all the right people are there. Why meet? • Consistent message. • Communicates that team members are valued. • Allows for consensus building.

John’s 8 Management Essentials • Priorities • • • •

Set daily, weekly, and annual priorities. Spend the most time on things that really matter. Where are you going? Factors to consider: • Important vs. Urgent. • Quality vs. Quantity. • How will this improve productivity, performance, and relationships?

• Learn to say “no.” • Prepare for conflict. • Reward yourself and others.

John’s 8 Management Essentials • Time • Every time you say “yes” to someone or something, you say “no” to someone or something else. • Avoid impossible situations. • Define top priorities. • Avoid distractions. • De-stress • Take care of yourself!

John’s 8 Management Essentials • E-Mail • Don’t put anything in an e-mail that you would not want to save and make public forever. • Watch for miscommunication. • Think before you write. • Proofread. • Can be overwhelming. • Eats up lots of time. • It can be hard to tell which messages really require our attention. • Effective messages are professional, to the point, and timely.

John’s 8 Management Essentials • Technology • Use as a tool. • Don’t be a slave to it. • Spend more time with people than with technology.

John’s 8 Management Essentials • Social Skills • Remember the importance of saying, “thank you” and “I’m sorry.” • Write handwritten “thank you” notes to your staff.

John’s 8 Management Essentials • Hiring Staff • Who you hire will impact your entire team, be thoughtful. • A new hire could be a twenty-five year outcome costing over $2.5 million. • Have accurate job descriptions. • Communicates responsibilities, tasks, and duties. • Key qualifications. • What will they actually do?

• Conduct staff evaluations. • Provide professional development opportunities. • Act in ways that clearly communicate that staff have your support.

John’s 8 Management Essentials • Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing • Keep your eye on the ball. • All activities, priorities, and meetings should lead back to increasing positive results for children and youth with disabilities. •

Core Competencies • Self-Management • • • •

Leadership strengths and areas for growth. Decision-making skills. Reframing. Taking another point of view.

• Professional Development • Participate in state and national organizations. • Focus on the areas for growth.

Core Competencies • Leadership • • • •

Be able to articulate your vision. Modelling high standards of ethical leadership practices. Be adaptable based on situation. Be collaborative. • Build and sustain positive relationships. • Work to build trust. • Use good communication skills.

• Manage conflict.

Core Competencies • Leading Learning • • • •

Support teachers in managing and assessing learning. Facilitate the use of universal design. Facilitate effective use of assistive technology. Advocate for the effective participation of students with disabilities in all educational settings and accountability systems. • Promote evidence-based practices. • Facilitate effective professional development for staff.

Core Competencies • Leading Implementation of Policies, Laws, and Regulations • Understand IDEA and Montana Administrative Rules. • Understand the ESSA and how it impacts special education. • Get involved in the development of laws and policies at the local, state and national levels. • Stay up-to-date on legal cases.

• Collaborating with others to ensure a unified system of education

Core Competencies • Managing Operations and Resources • Understand special education funding and budgeting processes. • • • • •

Allowable Costs, Both State and Federal. MOE. Excess Cost. Budgeting principles. Application process.

• Recruitment and retention of staff. • Managing personnel. • Working with other agencies.

Core Competencies • Leading Results • • • • •

Become a consumer of research. Use research to aid in the selection of methods and materials. Use data in your decision-making process. Understand assessment data and statistics. Learn the statewide performance indicators.

The Office of Public Instruction • 18 Full-time staff and over 80 Part-time staff • Administrative Support • Marlene Wallis • Kelley Brown • Melissa Niemi

• 4 units • • • •

IDEA Part B Program IDEA Professional Development Data and Accountability IDEA School Improvement

The Office of Public Instruction • IDEA Part B Program • Dick Trerise

• Activities • • • •

State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report. Annual State Application for Funds Under the IDEA. E-grants-local applications for funds. State special education funding.

The Office of Public Instruction • IDEA Professional Development Unit • • • • •

Susan Bailey-Anderson Annette Young Doug Doty Erin Butts Iris Ziegler

• Activities • • • • • •

State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) Comprehensive System of Professional Development (CSPD) Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI) Paraprofessional Training Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Integrated School Mental Health

The Office of Public Instruction • IDEA Professional Development Unit (continued) • Activities • • • • • • • •

Targeted School Improvement Activities Climate Transformation Grant Differentiated Instruction Teacher Mentor Programs and Training School Psychology Stipend Program Speech Stipend Program Special Education Endorsement Project Montana Autism Education Project

The Office of Public Instruction • Data and Accountability Unit • Anne Rainey • Jan Duiker • Mary Graff

• Activities • Data Collection and Verification • Child Count, Exiting, School Discipline, Post-School Outcomes, Coop Membership

• AIM Support • Data Reporting • Federal Reporting • General Data Requests

The Office of Public Instruction • IDEA School Improvement Unit • • • • •

Dale Kimmet Danni McCarthy Francisco Roman Marla Swanby Ruth Miller

• Activities • Technical Assistance and Professional Development • New Teacher Training, Experienced Teacher Forum, Transition, Preschool

• Compliance Monitoring

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