Central Otago Pastoral Area of Alexandra, Omakau and Roxburgh Presbytery

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7 Killarney Street Alexandra Tel (03) 4488202 Fax (03) 448 8303 [email protected]

Fr Pat McGettigan Sr Elanor Pelvin Tel: 448 6304 Brian McLean (Parish Chairperson) Trina Eastwood (Sst Gerards’s School Principal) Susan Mulholland (St John’s School Principal, Ranfurly) (03) 444 9514 Wayne Soper (Parish Caretaker) Catholic Social Services 0800 277 669 (toll free) (03) 448 5385 (Mon-Wed)

Parish Secretary Sally Ferreira (Tues & Fri 9am-3pm)

2nd Sunday of Lent —Year A—12 March 2017 MASS TIMES Weekends Alexandra Sunday: Roxburgh Sunday Omakau Saturday Ranfurly Sunday

9.00am (all year) 11.00am (all year) 6.00pm (all year) 4.00pm

Queenstown Saturday 6.30pm Sunday 9.00am Arrowtown Sunday Garston Glenorchy Cromwell Sun)

1st READING: Genesis 12: 1-4— Abraham is called to step out in faith with the promise of manifold blessings. 2nd READING: 2 Timothy 1: 8-10 — God has called us from beyond all time and we are encouraged to lean on God’s power in our journey of discipleship. GOSPEL: Matthew 17: 1-9 - Peter, James and John witness the transfiguration of Jesus and hear the Father’s voice confirming his delight in him. Next week’s readings: 1st Reading: Exodus 17: 3-7 2nd Reading: Romans 5: 1-2, 5-8 Gospel: John 4: 5-42

11.00am 11.00am (2nd Sun) 11.00am ( 4th Sun) 11.00am (1st, 3rd, 5th

As parishioners let us pray for those who have died recently: and whose anniversaries occur at this time: Peter Chote May they rest in peace.

9.00am (2nd, 4th Sun) 9.00am (1st, 3rd, 5th Sun) 11.00am (2nd, 4th Sun)


Weekday Masses Alexandra Tuesday: 5.00pm (side chapel) Wednesday: 9.00am (side chapel) Thursday: 9.00am (side chapel) Friday 12.00pm (Church) Saturday 9.am (Side chapel) Roxburgh Wednesday 5.15pm (Parish Centre) RECONCILIATION Alexandra Saturday:

11.30am-12.00pm (otherwise on request)

ANNOINTING OF THE SICK Alexandra Friday: 12.00pm (1st Fri. in the month) Roxburgh Wednesday

5.15pm (1st Wed. In the month)

Dates to Remember 18/19 March

Catholic Women's League is having Diocesan conference here in Alexandra. All welcome!

26 March

Sun @ 1pm—5.30pm. Sr Gail Worcelo workshop on “Care of the Earth.” Green Chapel, Burns Lodge, Dunedin.

30 March

Thurs @ 7pm. 2nd rite of reconciliation.

7 April

Friday @ 7pm. New Zealand Expert on Human Trafficking, Dr Rebecca Miller, to speak in Dunedin in St Patricks Community Centre, 42 Macandrew Rd.

Lenten Discussion Groups starting this week Sun at 7pm at Fr Pat’s, Tel 4488202. Tues at 2pm at Jill Paulin’s, 13 Taylor Place, Tel: 448 6915. Wed at 7pm at Tom Lamb’s, 8 Gala Grove, Tel: 4485399. Holy Week and Easter Could all parishioners involved in ministries of any sort please advise whether they are here during Easter and Holy Week so we can sort the roster for the extra Masses. Thank you. Please phone 4488202 or email [email protected]




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A Hoppen B McLean K Fahey


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Altar Preparer for March Dyson Family

Eileen Mowat

Kylie Robb

Dyson Family

Angela Compton

Dorothy Dunlay Kylie Robb

Alexo: George Beckwith No: 18

Roxo: Sofia Malik

Roxburgh News: Birthday: Esperanza Lucas. New Choir Members wanted; There will be practices starting this Monday, 6 March at 7.30pm preparing for Easter. All are welcome.

Aoraki Jesus, the mount of transfiguration was perfect that day, with fresh snow glittering white under a blue sky. The earth had reached up to a rare height and heaven came down to meet it and you stood, at the pinnacle of life, looking at a view far beyond the walls of your incarnation. You were as young as the moment, older than forever, and from this place, Jerusalem must have seemed far away. Jesus, on Aoraki, your sacred mountain, you grew beyond our knowledge, and we were overcome by awe. How could we speak to you? Was this the travelling companion who beat us at cards last night? The one who burned the morning toast while giving the rest of the bread to birds? Now we had to shield our eyes to look at you, and all our words were frozen by that light.

You returned to us, changed but not changed. There was snow in your hair. Your hands were warm. Laughing, you reached down and showed us how to make snowballs from this thing called Time. And then, we understood who you were. Thought for the Day Where will I meet God today? Will the meeting depend on the place or my place of awareness? Joy Cowley

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[email protected] Wayne Soper (Parish Caretaker) Catholic Social Services. 0800 277 669 (toll free). (03) 448 5385 (Mon-Wed). MASS TIMES. Weekends.

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