PROGRAM DIRECTOR -- SCOPE OF WORK The Mount Baker “Hub” The Mount Baker Hub Business Association (“Hub”) is a 501(c)(3) led by a group of volunteer stakeholders who are dedicated to the welfare and vitality of the Mount Baker Hub – an emerging business district and town center within the walk shed of the Mount Baker Link Light Rail Station. We are local businesspeople, property owners, residents, and community organizations. We have the support of many partners, including the Only In Seattle program. With this support we encourage business and retail development; keep our streets safe, clean and vibrant; and promote the Mount Baker Hub as a model community for businesses, residents and visitors. Our organization is based on the principles of the Main Street program, with committees focused on Economic Development, Urban Environment, Events and Promotion, and Organization. Work Objectives The Program Director will serve as a key team member for the Hub organization, helping to coordinate and administrate its activities and work within the business district. He/she is responsible to coordinate, support, document and build capacity for the work of the Hub committees and volunteers. The program director works as a part of the Hub management team, and with direction from the Board of Directors, the Program Director serves as a representative and advocate for the vision of the business association and its stakeholders. Job Knowledge and Skills Required The program director should have education and/or experience in one or more of the following areas: business district management, project and/or event management, budgeting and/or finance, marketing and/or advocacy, grant writing and/or fundraising, public relations, planning and/or urban design, business administration, public administration, retailing, volunteer or non-profit administration, architecture, historic preservation, sustainability and environment, economic and/or small business development. The program director must be sensitive to design and preservation issues and must understand the issues confronting small business owners, property owners, public agencies, and community organizations. The director must be entrepreneurial, energetic, imaginative, well organized and capable of functioning effectively in an independent environment. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential. Supervisory skills are desirable. Range of Duties The Hub’s Program Director will serve as a part-time independent contractor, and will help the Board oversee and build the Hub budget to achieve its objectives. The Hub’s budget depends on a variety of sources including the Only In Seattle Program, Department of Neighborhood grants, private sponsorships and funding opportunities, and the volunteer and financial support of members and donors. At the beginning of each year the Program Director will assist the Board in defining the Hub Program Director -- Page | 1

Program Director’s scope of work based on the available and anticipated budget, and the Hub work plan and calendar. On a quarterly basis the Board and the Program Director will revisit the budget with an eye towards efficiently focusing the Program Director’s time and energy to maximum potential. The Program Director shall assist the Hub with the following tasks: • •

• • •

Coordinate the activity of the Hub committees, ensuring that communication among the Board and committees is well established; assist committee volunteers with implementation of work plan items. Attend Board and committee meetings. Manage administrative aspects of the Hub, including purchasing, record keeping, budget development, accounting, preparing all reports required by the City and other financial sources, assisting with the preparation of reports to funding agencies, and supervising employees or consultants. Develop, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, economic development strategies that reflect the principles of equity, sustainability, and historic preservation outlined in the Hub’s Strategic Plan, as informed by the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan. Help the Hub build and utilize the community’s human and economic resources. Become familiar with persons and groups directly and indirectly involved in the Hub. Assist the Hub board of directors and committees in developing an annual action plan for implementing a business district revitalization program focused on urban environment and design, promotion and marketing, organization/management; and economic restructuring/development. Support the Hub in its stakeholder outreach efforts, to build public awareness and engagement with existing and future businesses, and community stakeholders. The Hub’s outreach will seek to enhance appreciation of and advocacy for the Hub’s potential as a model transit oriented community. Maintain an updated set of contacts for Hub outreach efforts. Help build the Hub’s capacity to pursue its objectives. Encourage a collaborative and inclusive climate among the Hub’s diverse stakeholders, businesses, community groups, and governmental departments and officials. Help coordinate Hub events and promotions (including the Hub Fest (September), the major donor event, and the annual meeting) with an eye towards improving the quality and success of the events. Support the event committee in overseeing event management. Represent the community to important constituencies. Speak effectively as an advocate for the Hub’s work, mindful of the need to improve economic development policies as they relate to commercial districts.

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