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January 2017

BOARD OF EDUCATION Jeffrey Conley, President Gary Book Neil Kinley Mark McQuown James Morris

ADMINISTRATION Laurie Vent Superintendent of Schools Nathan Lynch Treasurer Jim Clifford High School Principal Tony Fenstermaker High School Ass’t Principal Dean of Students Brad Ehrman High School Athletic Director Jim Wheeler Middle School Principal Gifted Coordinator Matt Harp Union Elementary & Middle School Ass’t Principal Middle School Athletic Director Michael Courtad Director of Food Service

Did you know that volunteering could make you healthier? Studies have found that people who volunteer an hour a week have less stress, lower levels of cholesterol and inflammation, and a stronger immune system. Studies focusing on students who volunteer found that students receive the same health benefits as well as improved academics, improved happiness and popularity, and reduced chances of being bullied. Wow! We are fortunate here at Upper Sandusky Schools that we have students and staff that value volunteerism and “giving back” to the community. We want our students to feel connected to the community and be a part of making it an even better place to live. We work to develop not only wellprepared students but also good citizens. Here is a sample of the many volunteer projects our students are involved with: 1. Boys and Girls Soccer are currently working with Charlotte Leeth and collecting soccer items and clothes for the boys and girls of the Ukraine, where Charlotte regularly visits to do charity work. 2. The middle school does community recycling the 2nd Saturday of each month and also holds regular food drives for the local food pantry. So far they have collected over 1500 items. 3. Many of our students visit Fairhaven, including: football, cheerleading, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, swimming, boy's basketball, boys/girls soccer and FFA. 4. 6th graders help out at the Wyandot County Skilled Nursing Home, working with 6th grade teacher Beth Richman. 5. Boys and Girls Basketball help out with Upward tryouts and evaluations and the girls also help with the Elk's Hoop Shoot. 6. National Honor Society helps take care of incoming kindergarten students during kindergarten screening. 7. DECA provides greeters for the annual Wyandot County job fair. 8. The High School Student Council and SADD both sponsor Red Cross blood drives during the school year. 9. FFA paints at the fairgrounds, work at the fair food stand, pick up trash for the Adopt a Highway (SR 53N) program, help prepare and plant the community garden, and help set up the Fantasy of Lights and play Rudolph and Frosty many nights. 10. Students across the district participated in the Red Cross Holiday for Heroes drive. 11. The Upper Sandusky Younger Professionals decorated the playground at the Fantasy of Lights, assisted i-Heart radio with the Coats for Christmas campaign, and headed up the Marvelous Merry Movie Marathon to benefit Angel Tree children. 12. Many of our students rang the Salvation Army Kettle Bell, including: DECA, FFA, middle school students, boy's basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, cheerleading, boys/girls track, swimming, boys/girls tennis, & boy's soccer.

Angela Murphy South Elementary Principal East Elementary Principal Kim Graboski Director of Transportation Jim Frye Technology Coordinator Brenda Adams Special Education Supervisor Janine McMillan Union Elementary Principal Curriculum/Professional Development Coordinator

Laurie Vent Superintendent

East, South & Union Elementary News Phonics First Mrs. Banta's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Intervention students have been participating in the Phonics First Curriculum since the beginning of the school year. Phonics First employs the Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction to reading, is language-based, multisensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible. Mission Statement: The mission of the Upper Sandusky Schools is to provide a safe, childcentered and developmentally appropriate environment where learning is a positive, exciting, and dynamic lifelong process.

The biggest change that I have noticed since beginning this curriculum with my students is how excited they are about Reading! They come into my room asking if it's time for reading, and can't wait to find out what new sounds or skills they will be working on. My students are getting really good at the skills of “pounding and tapping” to help them spell and write words. They have also become very cognizant of letter sounds and rules, and are working hard at decoding unknown words. My students really enjoy when our multi-sensory activities involve getting up and moving, building things with their hands, and especially when they involve snacks! - Amanda Banta, Intervention Specialist

East School Christmas Program On December 13th the students in grades Kindergarten through 5th of East School presented their Christmas Program in the East School Gym in two performances. The staff would like to congratulate Mr. Bramel and the students for a tremendous job! I personally would like to thank the whole East School Community for being flexible and supportive during the practices leading up to and on the day of the programs. - Angela Murphy, East Principal

Be The Good - South School Red Cross Donation As part of a school-wide service project, students from South Elementary School were asked to bring in goods for the American Red Cross Holidays for Heroes. These goods are going to be used to assemble care packages for military service members that are stationed overseas in Kuwait and Djibouti. Our students bring in more than 160 items for these care packages! Mrs. Bricely’s 5th grade class delivered the donated goods to a drop-off location. On behalf of South Elementary School, I would like to express thanks and appreciation for the goods that our families so graciously donated. - Angela Murphy, South Elementary Principal

Busy Elves at Union The second grade students at Union Elementary were busy little elves in December. In Mrs. Ritter's class we began the month by creating threedimensional ornaments for the Christmas tree at the Upper Sandusky Community library. This activity coincided nicely with our chapter on Geometric shapes in our “My Math” series. Kira Hinklin and Kya Martinez had to find just the right spot to display their triangular pyramid Santa ornaments. We have also begun working on our reading comprehension on Readworks Digital. Various passages of different genres, grade levels and lexiles are online, complete with comprehension questions and short answer responses the students have to type. The students have also been working on achieving their second nine weeks math goal. Using XtraMath and Rocket Math, along with daily practice they're working “Xtra” hard and I'm certain they'll be able to “Rocket” onward and upward! - Marla Ritter, Union 2nd grade Page 2

An A”mazing” Time at South Fifth grade students at South took their knowledge of physical science and had an a"maze"ing time! Students recently created marble mazes with the goal of being the slowest maze possible while also applying Newton's Laws of Motion. To make this possible, students learned about types of energy, gravity, friction, force, and much more. They created blueprint designs and had to problem solve daily to modify and make their mazes the best they possibly could. Students then had to identify how the Laws and other aspects of physical science applied to their maze. The project took nearly a month for research, design, and construction. The project culminated with maze races among the eight different groups. It was incredible to see the excitement and hard work that the students displayed throughout the project. - Angela Bricely, South Elementary 5th Grade

Middle School Happenings Grit As of this writing the Ohio State Buckeyes are alive in the national championship hunt. By the time you read this, it is my hope they are still alive. Urban Meyer has proven to be an astonishing college football coach, winning, and wining big at every stop. What separates him? Is it that he has vastly superior football knowledge than every other college coach? Does he have secret knowledge that other coaches don't have? Does he recruit better athletes than everyone else? No. Once coaches reach that level, I believe that they all have the same extensive knowledge base of football. The thing that separates the great ones from the mediocre is how they get their players to respond. Last month, we were fortunate enough to hear Tim Kight, who works with the Ohio State Athletic Department. He has been a major contributor to the success of Ohio State athletics as a sort of “Behavior Consultant.” One thing he stressed, and what WE ALL MUST STRESS TO OUR KIDS is that it's not always going to be easy. In fact, most times its not. There are some factors you can control and there are some factors you cannot. Those that you cannot will invariably be what put obstacles in your way. It is your response to those obstacles that determines success or failure. The motto Ohio State uses is E (Event)+ R (Response)=O (Outcome). We have stressed GRIT over the course of the past two years. This year we are rewarding our students who show GRIT with a RAMS Cards. When a teacher sees a student displaying Respectfulness, Accountability, Motivation or Safety, that student's name is placed on a GRIT Card. At the end of each week, those students draw for a prize, which ranges from wearing a hat in class

for a day to eating lunch in the courtyard if it's a nice day. In addition to those rewards, each student is given an orange wristband with the motto E+R=O. The Upper Sandusky Rotary Club was kind enough to fund this program! - Jim Wheeler, Principal

Teacher Of The Month Education can be a tough job. A tough job that thankfully the teachers at USMS LOVE!!!! We all need a little pat on the back once in a while, no matter how much we love what we do. USMS Assistant Principal Matt Harp implemented program that gives teachers that little pat on the back as he began the Teacher of the Month Program. Teachers are nominated by their peers, who know very well what this job takes. The winner receives a box of chocolate and their picture posted on the hallway bulletin board. So far this year, the following teachers have received the award: • Emily Coakley (August cowinner) • Deanna Oney (August cowinner) • Bert Dible (September) • Amy Aldridge Ritchey (October) • Kelly Gelinas (November)

They have been randomly selected to receive two tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Hornets game on Saturday, December 10th! All middle school students who received straight A's will receive a personalized certificate of achievement and a prize from the Cleveland Cavaliers! Thanks! - Matt Harp, USMS Asst. Principal/A.D.

$1,000 Grant Awarded! On Dec. 6, the Union 4th Grade attended a Toledo Walleye Hockey Game. While there the school learned that it was the recipient of a $1,000 grant. Pictured are teachers Elizabeth Oberlander and Jake Leonard along with students Hope Morris and Addy Newman. Jim Wheeler, USMS Principal

- Jim Wheeler, Principal

High School Events

Straight “A” All-Stars The following students were Cavaliers Straight "A" All-Stars for the first grading period! Robert Wengard Aiden Morris Zach Sheaffer Ruth Baldwin Elijah Angles Xander Rittenhour

Happy New Year! The first semester ended before Christmas break. The district will have a Professional Development Day on Wednesday, January 4; therefore, no school for students. The third nine-weeks and the second semester will begin on January 5, 2017. There will be no school for students on Monday, January 16th in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The 10th grade Sentinel Tour will be on Friday, January 20th. Students will tour the vocational programs at the Sentinel Career Center in Tiffin. Below are the Vision and Mission Statements of the Upper Sandusky Exempted Village School District and Upper Sandusky High School: Vision Statement: We believe our school district to be a place where the best educational practices are developed and nurtured enabling students and community to engage in a lifelong journey of learning. Mission Statement: The mission of the Upper Sandusky schools is to provide a safe child-centered and developmentally appropriate environment where learning is a positive, exciting, and dynamic lifelong process. Page 3

ACT/End of-Course Exams (EOC) Upper Sandusky High School will administer the ACT to all 11th graders on March 28 and 29, 2017. State mandated EOC exams will begin March 30 and 31 and students will take the ELA exams only. USHS only will operate on a 2-hour delay schedule. STUDENTS who are assigned test dates need to report for testing at 7:40 a.m. EOC exams in Math, Biology and Government will be administered May 1-4. Our 9th grade students will take four exams: ELA, Math, Biology and American History. The 9th grade American History exam will be administered May 5 and 8 during the regular school day. Our 10th grade students will take exams in English and Math. Our 11th grade students will take an exam in Government. STUDENTS not scheduled for an exam will report to school at 9:45 a.m. for classes. The schedule is below: Schedule Each Day 1. Buses will run on the normal schedule 2. Only the High school will run on a two-hour delay schedule. 3. Students testing and staff need to be in testing room at 7:45 a.m. 7:45 - 8:05 8:05 - 9:45 9:50 - 9:55 9:55 - 10:20 10:23 - 10:48 10:51 - 11:16 11:19 - 11:44 11:47 - 12:14 12:17 - 12:44 12:47 - 1:14 1:17 - 1:42 1:45 - 2:10 2:13 - 2:40

Set-up and Directions Testing Homeroom Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5A Period 5B Period 5C Period 6 Period 7 Period 8 - Jim Clifford, USHS Principal

Freshman/Sophomore Guidance News Academics - If a student has failed a course for the first semester, then it will be necessary to work out some credit recovery options in order to be on track for graduation. I am meeting with students who have failed courses and going over credit recovery options as well as explaining the importance of earning passing grades. In addition, parents will also be notified. Also, please be sure both parents and students are checking PowerSchool to check on student’s grades. If you need login information, please contact me. Manufacturing Day - On December 1, 2016, our sophomores attended local area manufacturing plants in Wyandot County. Mr. Greg Moon of the Wyandot County Economic Development Office coordinated the tour with the following companies: Engineered Wire Products, Ithaca Gun, Uni-Grip, Kalmbach Feeds and Kasai of North America. It was a very informative morning for our students and adult chaperones. USHS is very thankful to Page 4

Mr. Moon and each of the local companies who generously gave of their time and expertise. USHS Sophomores to visit Sentinel Career & Technology Center - On January 20, 2017, USHS sophomores and freshmen interested in cosmetology or exploratory will take a field trip to Sentinel and have the opportunity to tour the many vocational programs they have to offer. Students and parents are also invited to an Open House on February. Sentinel Applications - Sophomores and Freshmen interested in cosmetology who wish to apply to Sentinel Career Center for the 2017-2018 school year must have their applications submitted online by the March 17, 2017, priority deadline. All applications received by this date will be processed for acceptance and determination of program eligibility. Applicants will be accepted after this date on a “space available” basis. Please understand that application does not guarantee acceptance into the desired program. Applicants can help their chances by making sure they are caught up on their credits and achieve junior status. Good attendance also should be a priority. Please use this website to apply: http://www.vscc.k12.oh.us/ College Credit Plus (CCP) - If a parent/guardian and/or student missed the CCP information night and wants to take CCP classes for the 2017-2018 school year, they must do the following: 1. You must watch the recorded presentation that will be available on the Guidance website starting on Monday, December 19th. You will need to go to http://www.usevs.org/schools/highschool/guidance/college-credit-plus to see the video, which will be in the middle of the page once it is available. 2. The Letter of Intent form must be turned in after you and/or your parent/guardian watch the recorded CCP Night. This is due by April 1, 2017 regardless of which CCP option you are considering for the fall. This is a state mandated requirement, so late forms will not be accepted. 3. If you are planning to take a University of Findlay or MTC class here at the high school, those application forms must also be turned in by April 1, 2017. The University of Findlay classes include College Environmental Science, College US History, College Calculus and College Composition. 4. If you are planning to take a class on a college campus or online, you must abide by their specific application deadlines. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain admission requirement information, submit materials, and meet application deadlines. Regardless of the individual colleges? deadlines, these applications must be turned in to the Guidance Office before summer break. 5. Stop by the Guidance Office if you have any questions. ACT Test - Please note, if your student plans to use the ACT for admission into the College Credit Plus (CCP) program, February is the latest test date they can use to fulfill this requirement. Many colleges also allow alternative testing options, such as the Accuplacer. This was discussed at our CCP Night in December. Please go to the following website to register for the ACT: http://www.actstudent.org/ The deadline to register is January 13, 2017. Upper Sandusky High School will administer the test in February. If you

receive free/reduced lunch, you are eligible for a fee waiver. Please see the Guidance Office for a waiver. State Testing and Graduation Requirements - Beginning with the Class of 2018, the graduation requirements have changed to include: • meeting Upper Sandusky High School requirements AND meet one of the following three: 1. Ohio’s State Tests - Students earn a cumulative passing score of 18 points, using seven end-of-course state tests. To ensure students are well rounded, they must earn a minimum of four points in math, four points in English, and six points across science and social studies. End-of-course exams are: • Algebra 1 and geometry or integrated math 1 and 2 • Biology • American history and American government • English 1 and English 2 OR 2. Industry credential and workforce readiness - Students earn 12 points through a State Board of Educationapproved, industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and achieve a workforce readiness score on the WorkKeys assessment. The state of Ohio will pay one time for those who take the WorkKeys assessment. OR 3. College admission test - Students earn “remediationfree” scores in English language arts and mathematics on a nationally recognized college admission exam. The state of Ohio will pay one time for all 11th grade students in the classes of 2018 and beyond to take the exam free of charge.

diploma, or maintain/improve their class rank should thoroughly review those topics in the course curriculum guide. Careful course selection is extremely important for these particular goals. I would be happy to answer any questions that you or your student may have about scheduling. **Our booklet of local scholarships became available after Thanksgiving, so students should be working on applications ASAP. All local scholarships are due February 6, 2017, unless an earlier deadline is indicated. No local scholarships will be handled through the Guidance Office after February 6, even if the organization issuing the scholarship allows late entries. Seniors should also be using www.fastweb.com or www.scholarships.com and checking with their individual colleges for additional scholarships. **Long-term Sub - I will be out for maternity leave starting in February and should return at the end of May. Mr. Greg Distel will be my substitute while I am out. Greg is a retired counselor from Findlay High School, who has a lot of knowledge and expertise working with high school students. His email address is [email protected] As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 419-294-2308 or [email protected] - Kristal Dunlap, 11th/12th Grade Counselor

USHS Students-of-the-Month The Upper Sandusky High School students of the month for November are (L-R) represented by Lions member April Mullen Freshman Ankit Patel, Sophomore, Gunner Morrison; Junior, Damon Kelly; Senior, Sarah Gier. The Upper Sandusky Lions Club sponsors the program and gives each recipient a certificate and gift card for their efforts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] OR 419-294-2308 - Alison Cheney, 9-10 Guidance Counselor

Junior and Senior Guidance News **If you and/or your student missed the College Credit Plus Information Night on December 14th, please have your student stop by the Guidance Office for makeup requirements. If you have any questions about the CCP program, please do not hesitate to contact me. **The next ACT test will be offered on February 11th. The deadline to apply is January 13th. NEW THIS YEAR - All Juniors will be taking the ACT for free in March at USHS during the school day. However, if they are planning on using the ACT for CCP admission purposes, it is highly recommended that they take the February ACT. **Scheduling - Students will select their courses for the next school year during the month of January. Your student will have access to an online copy of the 2017-18 Curriculum Guide that outlines the requirements for graduation, as well as other pertinent scheduling information. I will be meeting with the Juniors in Government classes, before the scheduling process begins, to go over important scheduling reminders. Students looking to attend college after graduation, play a collegiate sport, earn college credit during high school, receive an honors

BW3's and Upper Sandusky Athletics Buffalo Wild Wings of Tiffin and WTTF 93.3 FM have invited the Upper Sandusky High School winter sports teams, coaches, players, cheerleaders, pep band, Ram Boosters, families and friends to be a part of their Monday Night Sports Talk Show. This event will be held on Monday, February 6th at BW3's in Tiffin (behind Lowe's). BW3's will donate 15% of all sales between 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. to the USHS Athletic Department. All USHS winter sports head coaches will be interviewed on the radio between 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. All Upper Sandusky sports fans are invited to attend! Wear your team gear! Flags, banners and horns are all welcome! Stay as long as you want or feel free to just eat and leave. Come out for a great evening of food, fun and excitement at BW3's while supporting USHS Athletics! See you there on February 6th! - Brad Ehrman, USHS A.D. Page 5

Page 6


District Calendar of Events Sunday



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


3 Winter Break NO SCHOOL

4 Winter Break NO SCHOOL

Teacher Professional Development Day NO SCHOOL

5 USHS 6:00PM G BO BKB Mohawk


6 USHS 4:00 PM B BO WR @ JC Gorman Inv. (Mansfield Sr.) Bus-12:30 p.m. 6:00PM B BO BKB @Mohawk

USHS 6:00 PM C BO SWM @ Kenton (Kenton YMCA)


9 USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB @Carey 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB Carey

10 USHS 5:30 PM B FR BKB Arlington 6:00PM G BO BKB @ Colonel Crawford

11 USHS 6:30 PM C BO SWM @ River Valley (Marion YMCA)

12 USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB @ Ridgedale 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB Ridgedale

13 USHS 4:00 PM B BO WR @ Marion County Inv. (Marion Coliseum) Bus-1:00 p.m.

16 Martin Luther King Day NO SCHOOL

17 USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB Seneca East 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB @ Seneca East

18 USHS 6:30 PM C BO SWM @ Marion Harding (Marion YMCA)

23 USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB @ Mohawk 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB Mohawk USHS 5:30 PM C BO SWM @ Bucyrus/Wynford (Bucyrus YMCA)



24 USMS 4:30 PM WR @ Donnell MS USHS 6:00PM G BO BKB Buckeye Central


USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB Bucyrus 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB @ Bucyrus

25 USHS TBA B BO WR @ OHSAA Team Tournament Quarterfinal

26 USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB Wynford 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB @ Wynford USHS 6:00 PM B BO BKB Tiffin Columbian

USMS TBA WR @ Fostoria Duals USHS 10:00 AM B BO WR @ JC Gorman Inv. (Mansfield Sr.) Bus-7:00 a.m. 11:00AM B FR BKB @ Wynford 12:00 PM C BO SWM @ Mt. Gilead D-II Inv. (Marion YMCA) 1:00PM G BO BKB Wynford 6:00PM B BO BKB Wynford


USMS 10:00AM G 7/8 Gr BKB @ Buckeye Central 10 AM B 7/8 Gr BKB Buckeye Central TBA WR @ Chuck Mason Invite

21 USMS TBA [email protected] Bellevue Invite USHS 10:00 AM B BO WR @ MilanEdison JV Inv. (Bus- 6:30 a.m.) 11:00 AM B FR BKB Ridgedale 1:00 PM G BO BKB @ Ridgedale 6:00 PM B BO BKB @ Carey

USHS 5:30 PM B FR BKB Seneca East

USHS 5:30PM B FR BKB Carey 6:00PM G BO BKB @ Carey




USHS 9:00 AM B BO WR @ Marion Co. Inv. (Marion Coliseum) Bus - 7AM 9:30 AM C BO SWM @ Tiffin Columbian w/ Norwalk (Tiffin YMCA) 11:00 AM B FR BKB Bluffton 6:00PM B BO BKB @Colonel Crawford

School Board Meeting USHS Library - 5:45 PM



27 USHS 5:00 PM B BO WR @ Sally George Inv @ Pleasant (Bus-2:00 p.m.) 6:00PM G BO BKB @ Seneca East

28 USMS 10:00 AM G 7/8 Gr BKB @ Colonel Crawford 10:00 AM B 7/8 Gr BKB Colonel Crawford USHS 10:00 AM B BO WR @ Sally George Inv @ Pleasant (Bus-8:00 a.m.) 10:00 AM C BO SWM @

31 USMS 5:00PM G 7/8 Gr BKB Carey 5:00PM B 7/8 Gr BKB @ Carey USHS 5:30PM B FR BKB @ Bucyrus 6:00PM G BO BKB Bucyrus

Page 7

Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools

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For more information about school events and activities, please watch Channel 3 or visit our web site at www.usevs.org

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The biggest change that I have noticed since beginning this An A”mazing” Time at South. curriculum with my students is how excited they are about Fifth grade ...

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