2017 International Conference on Asian American Studies in East Asia DATE/ FRIDAY, April 28th, 2017 VENUE/ Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

PROGRAM 08:30-08:55 08:55-09:00

REGISTRATION OPENING PANEL 1 Moderator: Te-hsing Shan Yingjian Guo Translating the Other (Self): Asian American Literature in China 09:00-10:20 Hsiu-chuan Lee Reconfiguring Asian American in a Taiwan Classroom: Voices in the Clouds and Our Stories: Migration and Labor in Taiwan Rika Nakamura Addressing Japanese Imperialism via Asian American Literature in Japan 10:20-10:40

TEA BREAK PANEL 2 Moderator: Shyh-jen Fuh So-Hee Lee An Ode to Hope, Survival, and Freedom in How I Became a North Korean 10:40-12:00 Eun-Gwi Chung Theorizing Difference and Difficulty in Asian American Poetry Studies in South Korea Donna Tong Dis/Corporatization: The Biopolitics of Prosthetic Lives and Posthuman Trauma in Ghost in the Shell Films LUNCH PANEL 3 Moderator: Pin-chia Feng Ruoqian Pu On the Significance of Trans-lingual Writings by Overseas Chinese Writers 13:10-14:30 Chung-jen Chen “China is your illness”: A Map of Loyalty in Ha Jin's The Boat Rocker Cheyen Wu Reading between the Panels: Body Politics and Visual Poetics in Gene Luen Yang's American Born Chinese 12:00-13:10


BREAK PANEL 4 Moderator: Guy Beauregard Seiwoong Oh Canonical vs "me" Studies: A Shakespearean Moonlights as an Asian Americanist 14:40-16:00 Yuko Matsukawa The Museum of Fine Arts and the Kimono Wednesdays Protests: Cross-dressing and the Erasure of Asian American Identity Chien-Ting Lin Surrogate Intimacies of Neoliberal Racialization and Asian/American Studies in the age of Trump 16:00-16:10


PANEL 5 Moderator: Yu-cheng Lee Jade Tsui-yu Lee Beyond Precarity and Trauma: Janice Lowe Shinebourne's The Last Ship 16:10-17:30 Yu-yen Liu Resistance or Engagement: Problematics of Representation in Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer Ting-hui Hsiung English Language is the Problem: Two Asian Stories by Diasporic Asian American Novelists Amitav Ghosh and Vyvyane Loh 17:30-17:40 Sponsored by


Asian American Studies Center of National Chiao Tung University Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, NCTU Ministry of Science and Technology Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica

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