2016-2017 Parental Involvement Policy Title I Reading and Math Shenandoah Elementary

The Title I program at Shenandoah Elementary School is implemented in order to provide educational support for students who have deficits in their basic reading and/or math skills. The program attempts to provide more individual learning experiences in reading and math and to help children succeed in the regular school program and attain grade level proficiency in these areas. Shenandoah Elementary cultivates and supports active parental participation in the educational process and encourages participation by the parents of all children in Title I schools throughout the school year. At the beginning of each year Shenandoah Elementary will provide a written notification to each student that parents in Title I schools may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers (see Parent’s Right to Know below). In addition Shenandoah Elementary provides:  

Information on the level of achievement of the child on the state SOL academic assessments in reading and math; and Timely notice if the child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks, by a teacher who is not highly qualified (see Parent’s Right to Know below).

In carrying out the federal assurance concerning parental involvement, Shenandoah Elementary Title I Reading and/or Math Program will:     

Inform the parents of the specific instructional objectives for their child; Schedule meetings and conferences at a variety of times to accommodate varying parental needs; Provide information to parents about plans and evaluations; Provide newsletters and for parents to help promote the education of their children at home and; Obtain parents’ suggestions in the planning, development and operation of the Title I program through the use of parent surveys and questionnaires; and

A district parent advisory council (DAC) is organized and will have at least two parents from Shenandoah Elementary which shall;     

Have a majority of current Title I parents; Provide input into Page County Public School’s Comprehensive Plan as well as the plan for utilization of consolidated grant funds; Provide input into the Parental Involvement Policy Participate in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of parental involvement activities using Title I funds; and Convene 3 meetings per year.

Shenandoah Elementary will hold an annual parent meeting at the school in the fall of each school year. During this meeting school and division staff shall:  

Explain NCLB and AYP Shenandoah Elementary’s status with regard to AYP and School Improvement programs;

 

Inform parents of their right to be consulted in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Title I Program; and Encourage parents to become involved in their child’s education.

In this regard, Shenandoah Elementary keeps parents informed through the following methods:     

Newspaper articles; School Newsletters; Letters/Emails sent home to parents; Title I newsletters or notices; Title I teachers will be available during parent/teacher conference days to discuss student progress and to give suggestions to parents on how to help their child at home with their studies.

ShenandoahElementary School - A Parent's Right-To-Know No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). TitleI. Section 1111 (6): At the beginning of each school year, Shenandoah Elementary School will provide a written notification to the parents of each student that they may request, and the school division will provide in a timely manner, information regarding the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teacher, whether or not a teacher is funded by Title 1. If a parent requests this information the following will be included:    

whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived; whether the teacher has met state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grade level and subject area in which the teacher provides instruction; the baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher and the field of discipline of the certification or degree; and whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

In addition, Page County Public Schools will provide to each individual parent, information regarding the level of achievement of their child on each of the state academic assessments, as well as opportunities to discuss the implications of these results on the individual student's academic plan and course of study. In instances when a parent's child has been assigned, or has been taught, for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified, a written notice advising parents of this fact will be sent only to the parents of children taught by this teacher. All of the information detailed above will be provided by mail to parents in an understandable and uniform format, and to the extent practicable, provided in a language that the parents can understand. Websites that will be helpful to parents when assisting their children with school work: Parent Involvement in Schools - http://www.projectappleseed.org/index.html Tutoring in almost any academic areas - http://www.khanacademy.org/ Tutoring and help with in academic areas and all levels - http://www.cliffsnotes.com/

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