2016-17 Instrument Instructors & Staff

Stephen Miller

Director of Fine and Performing Arts [email protected]

508-647-6400 x1701

Helaine Denenberg

Music Account Clerk [email protected]

508-647-6400 x1702

Sam Thurston

Instructor/Lesson Coordinator [email protected]


Tom Rice

Elementary Band Instructor [email protected]


Akmuradov, Ismail - CLARINET/SAX

857-222-6146 [email protected]

Ben Hem, Johnson, Kennedy, Wilson

Aldrich, Fred - FRENCH HORN

h.781-275-3039 c.781-248-8598 [email protected]

ALL schools

Allen Zevos, Jenn - TRUMPET

603-440-9514 [email protected]

Brown, Memorial, Kennedy

Cadavieco, Evan - LOWER BRASS

508-494-5510 [email protected]

ALL schools

Clark, Jamison - LOWER BRASS

508-245-0627 [email protected]


Kaye, Ronald - OBOE

508-303-0750 [email protected]

ALL schools

Lin, Darren - PERCUSSION

717-602-4989 [email protected]

Ben-Hem, Wilson

Maas, Amanda - FLUTE

617-209-9381 [email protected]

Ben-Hem, Lilja, Wilson

Miller, Zachary - PERCUSSION

803-230-4383 [email protected]

Brown, Johnson, Lilja, Memorial, Kennedy, Wilson

Neimann, Jonathan - SAX

617-605-7518 [email protected]


Ream, Deborah - CLARINET/SAX

508-561-3566 [email protected]

Lilja, Wilson

Silverstein, Steve - PERCUSSION

617-694-3086 [email protected]



508-612-1119 [email protected]

Brown, Memorial, Kennedy

Thurston, Sam - TRUMPET

508-733-8158 [email protected]

Ben Hem, Johnson, Lilja, Wilson

Wu, Linden - FLUTE

857-334-5486 [email protected]

Brown, Johnson, Memorial, Kennedy

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Professor Room Phone Email
Professor. Room Phone. Email. Sithu Aung. E281. N/A. [email protected] Ashok Banerjee. E341. N/A [email protected] Ahmet Bindal.

Name Email Phone Ranking Aldridge, Dennis dennis.w.aldridge ...
Email. Phone. Ranking. Aldridge, Dennis [email protected] 765-860-. 3252. Regional. Armuth, John [email protected] 812-358-. 5339.

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... apps below to open or edit this item. pdf-1495\managerial-accounting-instructors-manual-ins ... s-manual-by-ray-garrison-eric-noreen-peter-brewer.pdf.

EMAIL&EDEN Academic Staff 2014 (2).pdf
http://www.em2il.muni.cz/. Detailed information is available on the program website: http://eden.uaic.ro. Page 1 of 1. EMAIL&EDEN Academic Staff 2014 (2).pdf.

Staff Directory with email 2016-17.pdf
Forsman, Debra IS Aide dforsma[email protected] Frenchick, Rob 9632 HS Mathematics/Computer Science - Room C119 [email protected]

Campus Coordinator Email Phone number Meeting ...
Campus. Coordinator. Email. Phone number. Meeting date/time. Boston. Boston College. James Parkington [email protected] 413-212-3053. Boston University.

Waiver Experts (phone and email) all Regions Final 8-1-16.pdf ...
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Name: Address: Phone Number: Email Address
Page 1. Name: Address: Phone Number: Email Address:

Professor Time (s) Walk-in or Appt Room Phone Email
E283K or. CL226 N/A [email protected] Lee Chang. Appointment by email [email protected] edu. Appt Only E275. 924-3891 [email protected]

Staff List by Department with phone numbers 11.5.2015.pdf ...
Ms. Rebecca Eisenberg Ext. 3077. ([email protected]) Mr. Paul Ferentinos Ext. 3051. ([email protected]) Ms. Eleanor Hawkesworth Ext. 3105. ([email protected]).

Professor Time (s) Walk-in or Appt Room Phone Email
Aug 5, 2015 - Dan Harkey. (MS-SE Advisor). See http://msse.sjsu.edu/advising. E292. 924-4038 [email protected] Donald Hung. (MS-CMPE Advisor).

June 19-20, 2017 Instructors: Nick Banovich and Emily ... - GitHub
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