22nd November 2015 Our Lord Jesus Christ Universal King

Parish Team Clergy Fr. Enda Cunningham PP St Mary’s Parochial House Saggart. Tel: 4589209 Mob: 087-1380695 Fr. Aidan Kieran CC 1 The Glebe Peamount Road Newcastle. Tel: 4589230 Mob: 087-6397744

We pray for those who have died recently: Patrick Muldowney (Saggart) We extend our deepest sympathies To her family and friends. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord And may perpetual light shine upon her. This weekend, we welcome all the children taking part in the ‘Do This In Memory’ Masses, as well as their families. Rathcoole Community Centre Christmas Fair

Fr. Aloysius Zuribo C.C. 2 Carrigmore Place Saggart, Co. Dublin Tel. 01-4589209 Fr. Michael Shortall PC 87 Beechwood Lawns Rathcoole Tel: 4587187 Mob: 087 -2861765 Fr. Michael McGowan PC 7 St. Patrick’s Crescent, Rathcoole Tel: 4589210 Parish Pastoral Workers Mr. Sean O’Rourke 087-0540695 Ms. Breda Carroll c/o 01-4589209 Parish Secretary Martina Hopkins The Parish Office St. Mary’s Parochial House Opening Hours: 9.30-1.30 Monday to Thursday Tel: 4589209 www.saggartparish.com [email protected]

Items for Newsletter Items for Junction 4 should be sent to the Parish Office or emailed to the addresses given below. Many thanks. [email protected] or [email protected]

Saturday 21st November 12 Noon - 6.00pm Sunday 22nd November 11am - 6.00pm Lots of stalls to purchase gifts. Tea, coffee, snacks and mulled wine. Raffle with greta prizes. Something for everyone. Bring the children to meet Mrs. Claus. Light Up Rathcoole Saturday 28th November. Santa arrives at 6.00pm. The Old Library, Main Street, Rathcoole All Welcome. Newcastle Christmas Lights Switch On Light Up Newcastle - "Switch On" Event Sunday 29th November, 6pm St. Finian's Community Centre 'Includes festive light refreshments, live music,, children's entertainer and a special appearance from Santa!' Road Closure There will be a road closure on Main St, Newcastle at Peamount Rd and Hazelhatch Rd Junctions, on Sunday 29th November, from 5-7pm while Christmas Lights Events is underway.

Rathcoole Youth Singers Rathcoole Youth Singers is a music group especially for young people. We are looking for new members, musicians in particular. We practice on Monday evening in Holy Family Church, Rathcoole from 8pm to 9pm and sing at Saturday evening Mass every second Saturday. If you enjoy singing and/or play an instrument and would like to join us, please contact Evelyn on 087-6668527. This can form part of the Gaisce award programme, as Community Involvement. Millbrook Manor Nursing Home Millbrook Manor Nursing Home, Slade Road, Saggart is holding a ‘Grand Opening Week’, Friday 20th November to Sunday 29th November. All enquiries welcome. Tel. 01-2574400.

Email: [email protected]

Mass Schedule Saggart: Sunday: 9 am & 11.30 am Weekday: 9.30 am Rathcoole: Saturday Vigil: 6.30 p.m. Sunday: 10 am & 12.00 pm Weekday: 9.30 am Saturday: 10.00 am Brittas: Sunday: 10.30 am Newcastle: Saturday Vigil: 7.00 p.m. Sunday: 10.30 am Weekday: 10.00am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. Confession Saggart: Friday after 9.30am Mass Rathcoole: Saturday after 10.00am Mass Newcastle: Saturday after 7.00pm Mass Baptism Saggart 2.00pm Sunday Rathcoole 4.00 pm Saturday Newcastle 2nd Saturday 4pm Last Sunday 2pm Please contact the Parish Office Marriage Please contact the Parish Office

Bicentenary of Death of Fr Andrew Hart, 1785-1815 How lovely the church of St Mary’s looks on the outside after all the renovation work, not to mention the tree-lined approaches, the spacious car park, the new school nearby! We can see it from many different angles now and notice features never really appreciated before. Once inside, we are ready to examine all the familiar features there too with new admiring eyes. One of these is the effigy on the top right of the main aisle depicting a priest in a fine life-sized pose, with a long tablet in Latin underneath. How many times have we passed by, wondering maybe, the odd time, who he was exactly. Liam Roche, in the booklet published to mark the 150th anniversary of the dedication of St Mary’s in 1999, brought him to our notice, reminding us that the priest of the effigy is actually buried in that spot. Donal McMahon added to our store of knowledge in an article published in the book marking the bicentenary of St Finian’s, Newcastle, in 2013, a church which this priest was responsible for building, as the inscription under the effigy tells us (‘aedem [fecit] Deo’, ‘[he built] a house for God’). The inscription also tells us, using the Roman dating system, that he died at the very young age of thirty on 20 November 1815. It is fitting, then, that we mark the bicentenary of the death of Fr Andrew Hart on the Sunday nearest that date, the 22nd, by recalling his life as we have come to know it and praying for him, his successors, ourselves and all our fellow parishioners of those far-off days and today. Andrew Hart was born in 1785 somewhere in the ‘United Parishes of Saggart, Rathcoole and Newcastle’, the title used at that time. In 1802 he entered the recently established seminary of Maynooth (1795). A document of 1808 states his ‘father’s calling’ as ‘grazier’. After ordination in 1808 he ministered in the parish of Clondalkin, including Lucan. In 1811 he was appointed Dean in Maynooth at the young age of twenty-six. There he met again a priest from Paris, Fr Louis Delahogue, Professor of Theology, who had taught him his Theology and was to leave us precious testimonies about him after his untimely death. After just one year as Dean, Fr Andrew came as parish priest to our parishes. He looked after the building of St Finian’s as well as a presbytery in Saggart. Then, alas, at the early age of thirty, he died and was buried in St Mary’s, the ‘chapel’ referred to by Samuel Lewis in his Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837) (‘There is a monument of marble to the Rev. A. Hart, P.P., and dean of Maynooth, with his effigy in bass relief’), predecessor, either in the same or an adjacent location, to the St Mary’s of today. That is his story according to the official record. What other documents exist? Two fascinating letters from Hart to his Bishop (Daniel Murray of Dublin) about his work as Dean in Maynooth, as well as – the precious testimonies mentioned earlier – Louis Delahogue’s writings, consisting of a short address to the seminarians the day after Andrew Hart’s funeral (i.e. 22nd November) written in Latin and French, and the wording for an epitaph, again in Latin, a longer and simpler version of the epitaph we have today. So much, in brief, for Andrew Hart’s short life. As a prayer (or rather a reflection) there is hardly a more apposite one than that said by his teacher, the 76-year-old French émigré Louis Delahogue, when addressing the grieving seminarians of Maynooth on this day two hundred years ago, a prayer to be found on the bicentenary bookmark which you are welcome to keep as a souvenir: What a moving occasion his funeral was! There we saw gathered a great assembly of people from every section of society. On every side you could hear the weeping of his parishioners, mourning him the way an only son is mourned. Let his name be engraved in your memory. In this way you will receive the crown of unfading glory (1 Peter 5.4), which already we seem to see on the head of that faithful labourer in the vineyard of the Lord.’ ‘

Donal McMahon, on behalf of the Bicentenary Committee (DMcM, Liam Roche) The Committee have gladly met whatever costs were involved (bookmark etc.).

Volunteer for the Dublin Diocesan Children’s Pilgrimage Are you a young adult looking for a new challenge hoping to meet other likeminded people and help others at the same time? The Dublin Diocesan Children's Pilgrimage (DDCP) is inviting new volunteers to travel to Lourdes next Easter. Our 41st Annual Children's Pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place from Easter Monday 28th March to Saturday 2nd April 2016. Each year we bring up to 36 children from throughout the Dublin Diocese to visit Lourdes during 'children's week'. Each child is cared for on one-to-one basis by our helpers. Existing helpers come from all over Ireland and from a variety of backgrounds. The group has grown from strength to strength over the years but we always welcome new helpers. If you think that you would enjoy this kind of experience and you'd like to learn more about our group we'd love to hear from you. Please contact the Secretary, Aileen McCusker at [email protected] with your name, email address, contact details, home address. You might also let us know how you heard about our group. If you would like to speak to someone about the group please call the Chairperson, Olivia Dobbs on 087 241 7731.

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Page 1 of 2. We pray for those who have died recently: Patrick Muldowney (Saggart). We extend our deepest sympathies. To her family and friends. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord. And may perpetual light shine upon her. Parish Team. Clergy. Fr. Enda Cunningham PP. St Mary's Parochial House. Saggart. Tel: 4589209.

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