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2014 Annual Report

The mission of the Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team is to educate and engage citizen stewards in maintaining, enhancing and restoring the natural resources of the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin.

Conemaugh Valley Conservancy Board of Directors Michael Burk, President Michael Kane, First Vice-President Barry Tuscano, Second Vice-President Jack Maher, Secretary Linda Gwinn, Assistance Secretary Richard Burkert, Treasurer Kenan Kevenk, Assistant Treasurer Richard Bloom Brad Clemenson Brian Gunnlaugson Rob McCombie Jerry Seitz James Stratton Eric Sutliff Chris Volpe Leonard Hess, Director Emeritus Richard Mayer, Director Emeritus Mike Walker, Director Emeritus

Conemaugh Valley Conservancy Staff Melissa Reckner, Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team Director Eric Null, Aquatic Biologist Amanda Barnhart, Environmental Technician Elizabeth Mayer, Book Keeper Laura Hawkins, Greenway Coordinator, via Allegheny Ridge Corporation Jack McGuire, Trails Manager Jacob McCloskey, Intern, Saint Francis University Nickolas Shawver, Intern, Saint Francis University

Conemaugh Valley Conservancy Conservation Committee Rick Bloom ~ Michael Burk ~ Brad Clemenson ~ Rob McCombie ~ Jim Stratton ~ Barry Tuscano Page 1

Grantors As a program of the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, a 501(c)3 organization, the KiskiConemaugh Stream Team utilized grants, donations, and in-kind services to meet its mission and accomplish the works detailed in this report. The Stream Team is grateful for the grants that supported its programs, projects, and operations in 2014 and would like to recognize the following for their contributions.  Colcom Foundation  Dominion Foundation  Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds  Indiana County Endowment  Laurel Foundation  Norcross Wildlife Foundation  Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  Community Conservation Partnerships Program (C2P2)  Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection  Growing Greener Program  Environmental Education Program  Walmart Foundation We also wish to acknowledge the Poconos Northeast Resource Conservation and Development Council, which administers the PA DEP Growing Greener grant that supports the C-SAW program, of which the Stream Team is a part, and the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority, which serves as a pass through for the C2P2 grant. Donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses are also crucial for the successful implementation of Stream Team projects. For a complete list of supporters, please view pages 9 - 11. Author: Melissa Reckner All photographs by Melissa Reckner unless otherwise noted. Cover: Water arches at Big Run #2 Ki s ki-C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Letter from the Director Hello Friends, As with so many years, 2014 seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I had every intention of summarizing the 15+ years of Stream Team accomplishments, but current projects provided very little time to reflect on how far we’ve come, which is a good problem to have; better to be busy than bored I often say. While we continued our staples of AMD water monitoring and environmental education, primarily through Trout in the Classroom, we did add a few new things to the mix. I was really grateful that the Colcom Foundation approved our request to modify our grant budget so we could purchase an electrofisher backpack that would allow us to perform our own fish surveys. Water sampling is wonderful and has great value, but it’s really the life in a stream that tells the story and supports our end goal of a high quality of life for all those who live and play in the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin. I was especially proud to have the Weaver Run Restoration project completed in October 2014. The three open limestone beds that are treating AMD along this headwater stream have made a lifeless stream capable of supporting brook trout. The Windber Sportsmen’s Association, in partnership with the Paint Creek Regional Watershed Association, stocked Weaver Run with brookies for the first time in over 80 years! It doesn’t get much better than that! We also started work on our State of the Kiski-Conemaugh Watershed project. We want to quantify the changes in the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin since 1999, when the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin Conservation Plan was published. This was not a plan that sat on a shelf collecting dust, but rather one in which many of the 120+ action items were implemented to some degree. We will be looking for comparisons on the main stems of the Kiskiminetas and Conemaugh Rivers and on the main tributaries to these waters, as well as the streams on which AMD systems were constructed. So 2015 promises to be a busy and productive year. As always, we couldn’t do it without the kind and generous support of our many volunteers, donors, and partners. I truly enjoy working with you and I look forward to the restoration stories we’ll share! Warm regards,


Indiana Cambria


Somerset The Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin. Ki s ki -C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Greg Clark, Chelsea Walker, and Victoria Tantlinger obtain field readings from Roaring Run. Page 2

Water Monitoring Program In 2014, in cooperation with the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Quick Breakdown Bureau of Conservation and Restoration, Stream Team staff and volunteers collected 202 sites 780 water samples from Abandoned Mine Discharges (AMD), AMD treatment systems, 780 samples and rivers impacted by AMD. These samples came from 202 sites throughout the Kiski45 Stream Stewards Conemaugh River Basin where samples were collected semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly, based on need. The DEP’s Bureau of Laboratories analyzes the water samples 38 AMD treatment systems collected at no cost to the Stream Team, thereby contributing over $72,600 of in-kind services to the Stream Team and its partners. Resulting data are used by watershed Over $11 million associations, conservation districts, engineering firms, and state and federal agencies to invested in these systems evaluate the operation and maintenance needs of existing treatment systems and to design new ones. Many of the Kiski’s AMD treatment systems are 10-15+ years old and Value of clean water are in need of rehabilitation to improve their performance and protect the millions of and healthy dollars that have been invested in these systems. Stream Team data help responsible ecosystems: parties acquire funds for O&M. As examples, Blackleggs Creek Watershed Association Priceless secured a $207,973 Growing Greener grant to enhance the Kolb AMD treatment system and the Somerset Conservation District received a $704,846 Growing Greener grant to do repairs at four Oven Run systems. Stream Team data, which are stored in the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Sampling Information System, are available upon request and may also be found at www.datashed.org, an online repository of data for AMD treatment systems.

AMD Treatment Systems Monitored by the Stream Team 1. Beaverdale Limestone bed #1, Little Conemaugh Watershed 2. Beaverdale Limestone bed #2, Little Conemaugh Watershed 3. Beaverdale trench, Little Conemaugh Watershed 4. Big Run #2, Blackleggs Creek Watershed 5. Big Run #3, Blackleggs Creek Watershed 6. Big Run #7, Blackleggs Creek Watershed 7. Big Run #8, Blackleggs Creek Watershed 8. Booker, Kiskiminetas Watershed 9. Boswell, Stonycreek River Watershed 10. Brence’s Pond, Little Conemaugh Watershed 11. Coal Pit A, Blacklick Creek Watershed 12. Coal Pit B, Blacklick Creek Watershed 13. Jenner, Stonycreek River Watershed 14. Kolb, Blackleggs Creek Watershed 15. Laurel Run #1, Blacklick Creek Watershed 16. Laurel Run #2, Blacklick Creek Watershed 17. Lucerne 3A, Blacklick Creek Watershed 18. Oven Run Site A, Stonycreek River Watershed Page 3

19. Oven Run Site B, Stonycreek River Watershed 20. Oven Run Site D, Stonycreek River Watershed 21. Oven Run Site E, Stonycreek River Watershed 22. Oven Run Site F, Stonycreek River Watershed 23. Penn Hills 2A, Blacklick Creek Watershed 24. Penn Hills 2B, Blacklick Creek Watershed 25. Richard 1, Blacklick Creek Watershed 26. Richard 2A, Blacklick Creek Watershed 27. Richard 2B, Blacklick Creek Watershed 28. Rock Tunnel, Stonycreek River Watershed 29. SR286, Aultman Run Watershed 30. Vintondale, Blacklick Creek Watershed 31. Weaver Run D8A, Stonycreek River Watershed 32. Weaver Run D8B, Stonycreek River Watershed 33. Weaver Run D10, Stonycreek River Watershed 34. Yellow Creek 1-A, Blacklick Creek Watershed 35. Yellow Creek 1-B, Blacklick Creek Watershed 36. Yellow Creek 2-A, Blacklick Creek Watershed 37. Yellow Creek 2-B, Blacklick Creek Watershed 38. Yellow Creek 2-C, Blacklick Creek Watershed Ki s ki-C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Data Logger Program The Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team continued its Data Logger Program in 2014. The goals of this program are to secure baseline data for streams that could be receiving waters of shale-gas operations, to record and report pollution episodes, to track other sources of pollution, and to develop new restoration projects to benefit Pennsylvania waterways. In 2014, 28 streams were monitored with a total of 34 loggers. No incidences from shale gas operations were detected. Winter road salts continue to influence water quality. Four loggers remain in two Abandoned Mine Drainage treatment systems, one system that is working and another that is not, to see how these systems fluctuate over time. In the spring, additional loggers will be placed in other AMD treatment systems. The Armstrong Conservation District remains a vital partner of this program, as they permit their AmeriCorps member to monitor several data loggers in the Kiskiminetas and surrounding watersheds. All parties are especially interested in Hulings Run, a stream in Armstrong County that is impaired by an Abandoned Mine Discharge that will be treated in the next year or so. Data loggers placed in Hulings Run upstream and downstream of the discharge indicate that there is pollution entering Hulings Run upstream of the known discharge and is leading to an investigation of that source. New to the program is the Westmoreland Conservation District, which has partnered with the Stream Team to place and monitor three data loggers along McGee Run, a tributary of the Conemaugh River. The District is implementing several best management practices including stormwater management, forestry stewardship, dirt and gravel roads, riparian restoration and agricultural improvement projects that should have a tremendous impact on the quality of McGee Run. Interestingly, the most upstream logger records the highest conductivity spikes, which will be investigated in 2015. For half of the year, an intern provided by Saint Francis University helped to maintain a few loggers in Cambria and Somerset Counties. CVC’s Amanda Barnhart is responsible for maintaining most of the loggers, while CVC’s Eric Null helps to oversee the program, train others, manage data, and interpret results.

Fish Surveys To expand its knowledge of local streams and its technical assistance to watershed groups, and to add strength to its monitoring program, the Stream Team obtained a permit and used funds from the Colcom Foundation to purchase the materials necessary to conduct its own fish surveys. Focusing on its logger locations, the Stream Team began performing fish surveys in June and managed to survey 20 stream locations in 2014. These data will be invaluable moving forward. Josh Penatzer and Eric Null survey Big Run. Ki s ki -C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Page 4

Technical Assistance C-SAW

Monitoring Blackleggs

The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (C-SAW) is a coalition of Technical Service Providers that offer free mentoring, quality control, and watershed specific assistance to organizations, thanks largely to a PA DEP Growing Greener grant. CVC’s Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team and Natural Biodiversity programs are part of C-SAW and, in 2014, the Stream Team provided assistance to the following organizations:  Arrowhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited  Blackleggs Creek Watershed Association  Blair County Conservation District  Buffalo Creek Watershed Association  Chartiers Creek Watershed Association  Ohio River Watershed Celebration  Potter County Conservation District  Shade Creek Watershed Association  Stonycreek Conemaugh River Improvement Project (SCRIP)  Tri-County Trout Club Organizations, including schools and municipalities, interested in assistance may contact any of the C-SAW partners for more information and an application. Details may be found at http://c-saw.info.

Blackleggs Creek Watershed Association (BCWA) continues its work of restoring aquatic life to streams within its boundaries. In 2014, it completed construction of the Big Run #3 AMD treatment system, which is one of four systems in the Big Run Complex. While the Stream Team routinely samples all of these systems—and others—at no cost to the group, it did request a fee for service to complete biological monitoring at five sites. BCWA is required to have annual macroinvertebrate and fish surveys performed to comply with its permit requirements. In April, the Stream Team collected macros and in September, it completed fish surveys from these sites. Results were emailed to BCWA and its consultant for submission to the DEP and Army Corps of Engineers. Thanks to the Loyalhanna Watershed Association for assisting with the fish surveys.

Picking Up Paint Creek For the 5th year, the Stream Team helped the Paint Creek Regional Watershed Association (PCRWA) organize its annual road and stream side cleanup on March 29, 2014. Focusing on a one-mile section of State Route 160 between Elton and Windber and 1.6 mile Berwick Road, as well as a few stream access points, seventeen volunteers removed 28 tires, including seven big truck tires, and 68 bags of trash or approximately 1,260 pounds of garbage from within the Little Paint Creek watershed. A needle and a recent dump by an individual who left her name on bills, meds, and such were reported to Richland Township police. Thanks to members from the Benscreek Canoe Club, Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team, Mountain Laurel Trout Unlimited, PCRWA, and Saint Francis University for helping! Page 5

Four-year old Aaron Purcell and his mom, Jean Keene, collect a water sample from the Vintondale AMD Treatment System. Ki s ki-C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Weaver Run Restoration & Paint Creek News In 2010, Ms. Reckner secured a $306,000 Growing Greener grant for the Paint Creek Regional Watershed Association (PCRWA) for its Weaver Run Restoration project. Weaver Run is a small, headwater stream that had far too much acidity to support aquatic life, so funds were used to design and construct three open limestone beds that would raise the pH of the AMD and settle the few metals. The largest system, D10, was built in 2012. The two others, known as “The Twins” for their identical design, were built in October 2014. These systems made it possible for the Windber Sportsmen’s Association to stock brook trout into Weaver Run for the first time in over 80 years! In fact, the Association put about 500 trout in Weaver Run over the first six weeks of trout season. All year, reports were heard of children and adults catching fish in Weaver and its receiving stream, Seese Run. Weaver Run will be stocked again in 2015 and the Stream Team will continue monitoring these three systems. Ms. Reckner provided the videography that was incorporated into Penn State University’s Our Town program on Windber. The program aired on PBS on September 4 and included a nice piece on the Paint Creek Regional Watershed Association. In June, Ms. Reckner and Tom Clark collected water samples and flow readings on Paint Creek immediately above and below the Mine 37 refuse pile in Scalp Level. This pile is slated for removal by Ebensburg Power Co. There was a pipe on the refuse pile discharging about 25-30 GPM of water into Paint Creek. Upon testing it, Ms. Reckner recorded the lowest pH she’s ever witnessed… 1.4! In September, the Stream Team secured a $300 Opportunity Grant from the League of Women Voters’ Water Resource Education Network to purchase and create a display board for the Paint Creek Regional Watershed AssociaMelissa Reckner (right) speaks to a participant at the Ohio tion (PCRWA). It also updated a membership River Watershed Celebration. Photo courtesy Anne Daymut. brochure and fact sheet for the watershed, which was distributed to past PCRWA members in an attempt to reinvigorate its membership. Ms. Reckner took the display to the Ohio River Watershed Celebration and netted the group $50 for being present.

Volunteer of the Year The Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team is proud to name

Charlie Moyer its 2014 Volunteer of the Year! The former Penelec Line Supervisor and Mayor of Ebensburg Borough has been with the Stream Team since 2011. Charlie prepares the bottles and paperwork for sampling at the Penn Hills and Richards treatment systems in Indiana County and educates Melissa on the electrical lines that crisscross the state! Charlie helps determine flow measurements and always redirects the path of an untreated mine discharge that usually spills across the Penn Hills access road. He is a pleasure to spend the day with and is a great resource. Ki s ki -C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Charlie Moyer Page 6

Environmental Education In 2014, over 2,000 people of all ages directly participated in Stream Team education and outreach events, while hundreds, if not thousands more were witness to our work through various media, meetings, and Facebook! Did you know CVC has a Facebook page and that the Stream Team regularly posts to it? Be sure to “like” CVC if you have a Facebook account to follow our work throughout the year. With limited staff, the Stream Team focuses most of its time spent on environmental education on Trout in the Classroom (TIC). Since our involvement in TIC began in 2006, the program has expanded rapidly across the Commonwealth. In partnership with Mountain Laurel Trout Unlimited, the Stream Team helped 10 TIC projects start in Cambria and Somerset County schools. In partnership with Blackleggs Creek Watershed Association, the Stream Team helped two TIC projects start in Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. The Stream Team is most active with eight TIC schools and coordinates Release Day activities for them. After students release the brook trout they raised throughout the school year, most participate in Outdoor Discovery Workshops that engage students in lessons that expand upon their classroom learning. This could not be accomplished without the help of staff or volunteers of several partner organizations, who are listed on page 10. Ms. Reckner continued to serve as the Chairman of Mountain Laurel Trout Unlimited’s Education Committee, the Secretary and Membership Coordinator of the Stonycreek Conemaugh River Improvement Project, and the Vice-President of the Paint Creek Regional Watershed Association. She also submitted articles for publication in several organization’s newsletters or media outlets. The Stream Team helped start Trout in the Classroom at the following schools in the Kiski Conemaugh River Basin. Berlin-Brothersvalley High  Bishop McCort High  Cambria Heights Middle  Conemaugh Township Middle  Forest Hills High  Kiski Area Upper Elementary  North Star East Elementary  Penn Cambria Middle  Saint Benedict (Johnstown)  Saltsburg - Blairsville Elementary  Shade-Central City High Page 7

The following is a list of 2014 events at which the Stream Team had an interactive display, gave a presentation, led a training, or that it helped coordinate and promote.                        

Lift Johnstown Project Party ~ January 23 Arrowhead TU ~ February 20 Blair Co. Conservation District ~ March 28 Picking Up Paint Creek litter cleanup ~ March 29 Kiski TIC Release ~ April 23 Conemaugh Township TIC Release ~ April 25 St. Benedict TIC Release ~ May 9 Potter Co. Conservation District ~ May 10 Conemaugh Valley Conservancy Annual Picnic ~ May 14 Scottsdale Middle School ~ May 15 Bishop McCort TIC Release ~ May 16 Saltsburg TIC Release ~ May 19 Cambria Heights TIC Release ~ May 23 Shade TIC Release ~ May 28 Shanksville Outdoor Day ~ June 9 Somerset Lake Fest ~ June 14 Greenhouse Garden Work Day ~ June 18 PA Abandoned Mine Reclamation Conference ~ June 25-27 Paddle the Que ~ August 20 Green Drinks ~ August 21 Tri-County Trout Club ~ September 10 Johnstown Rotary ~ September 17 Ohio River Watershed Celebration ~ September 18 31 Basket Bingo Party ~ October 26 Brooke Esarey helps students determine the pH of the Kolb AMD Treatment system during the Kiski Area School’s chilly Trout Release Day. Who am I kidding? It was cold! Ki s ki-C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Financials The Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team’s 2014 operations budget was $72,115 while its total program budget was $296,758 including project costs and in-kind contributions. These figures are down slightly from 2013. In 2014, less of the Stream Team’s cash revenue came from private foundations, while about the same came from state grants, particularly those secured through Growing Greener either by the Stream Team or the partners that contracted the Stream Team to assist with Growing Greener projects, like C-SAW and the Weaver Run Restoration. Individual giving was up 5%, partially from a Thirty-one Basket Bingo Party the Stream Team hosted as a fundraiser. This event made a profit of $1,568.97 for the Stream Team and also explains the 3% increase in fundraising expenditures. This year marks the second consecutive year that individual giving increased by 5%! The Stream Team and the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy are very grateful to all who kindly and generously supported the Stream Team and its endeavors. Thank you!! The Stream Team still spent 62% of its resources on its water monitoring program, which includes its standard AMD monitoring, the data logger program, and biological surveys. The Stream Team spent slightly more time on environmental education in 2014 and much more time offering fee-for-services, which includes C-SAW, technical services, and biological monitoring offered at a reasonable cost to its partners. This is a critical trend that is necessary to create a level of self-sustainability.


2014 Cash Revenue Sources 7%

Private Foundations

Private Foundations


StateState Grants & Services



Individuals Cash Contractual Donations



2014 Expenditures 4% 2%

Expenditures Water MonitoringProgram Water Monitoring

5% 5%


Fee for Service

Fee For Service

Environmental Education

9% 13%


Special Projects Education Environmental Program

Fundraising Special Projects


Technical Assistance Fundraising Ki s ki -C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Twenty-one sampling points were sponsored through the Stream Team’s Adopt-a-Monitoring Site fundraising campaign, where, for $100 a site, an individual, organization, or business can sponsor the sampling of Stream Team water quality monitoring points for one year. Please consider joining the following in their support. Anonymous Brush Valley Township Supervisors Michael and Kathleen Burk East Taylor Township Jenner Rod & Gun Club Jenner Township Supervisors Jeff and Mary Lavine Dick and Connie Mayer Ron Morris Mountain Laurel Trout Unlimited Roaring Run Watershed Association SCRIP Jerry and Sandy Seitz Somerset Conservation District Page 8

Volunteers and Partners Alyssa Anna Jane Armbrust Heather Atkins Mark Bahorik David Beale Dennis Beck Sabrina Blake Rick Bloom Kayla Bruening Randy Buchanan Kathleen Burk Michael Burk Don Carney Greg Clark Tom Clark Bill Conlin Adam Cotchen Joy Cotchen Pat Cotchen Jack Crislip John Dean John Dudash Janice EastbourneBloom James Eckenrode, Jr. Brooke Esarey Dick Farabaugh Pat Ferko JoAnne Ferraro John Ferraro Ben Frick Amy Gablick Joe Gablick

Page 9

Phil Gardner Robert George Domenic (Sonny) Ghiardi Margaret Golik Katie Good Justin Goodlin Joe Gorden Jonathan Graffius Art Grguric Cody Grguric Logan Grguric Steve Grodis Deanna Haddle Laura Hawkins Andrew Hollern Chad Hough Larry Hutchinson Tom Karazsia Jean Keene Edward Kelso, III Beth Kern Genevieve Kern Michael Kern Ned Kimmel Ann Kolesar Cindy Lech Tom Lech Alex Lezark Nancy Lezark John Linkes Greg Lipps Janis Long

Karlice Makuchan Lang Marks Jacob McCloskey Ron Morris Kathryn Moser Lynn Moser Steve Mosey Charlie Moyer Tim Murphy Ann Marie Nagy Wendy NeeseCusimano Kristi Niekamp Jordan O’Farrell Cullen O’Leary Kelsea Palmer Roger Phillips Aaron Purcell Kenna Raymond Matt Reckner Melissa Reckner Daryl Reed Kayla Reed Jackie Ritko Eric Robertson Cindy Rodgers Amaris Rodriguez Saint Francis University Fluid Mechanics Lab students Josh Schall Mike Shaffer Nick Shawver

Ed Shields Danielle Sheppard Donna Shull Greg Shustrick Lindsey Smetak Rachel Smetak Joe Sokolick, Jr. Bob Spangler Aimee Steele Jim Stratton Jane Tantlinger Victoria Tantlinger Brian Tercek Diane Thomas Sally Thomton Daniel Trinkley Shayla Turcheck Ken Turnbill Barry Tuscano Kitty Tuscano Vic Versimo Alexander Veto Chelsea Walker Greg Wall Richard Wargo Darlene Wilusz Ernie Wilusz David Wright Naiyi Wu Karissa Yoder

Ki s ki-C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Donors and Funders Anonymous Ken Sink Trout Unlimited Steve Podratsky Anonymous Koffee Shoppe Randy’s Bilo Anonymous Dr. Carl and Sue Konvalinka John and Debra Reckner Dave Beale Laurel Foundation Melissa Reckner Ben Meadows Jeff and Mary Lavine REI Blackleggs Creek Trout Nursery & League of Women Voter’s Water Roaring Run Watershed Watershed Association Resource Education Network Association Blacklick Creek Watershed John and Sue Linkes Saint Francis University Center for Association Loyalhanna Watershed Watershed Research & Service Blairsville Borough Association Jerry and Sandy Seitz Blairsville-Saltsburg School Dick & Connie Mayer Seven Springs Mountain Resort District Mihalko’s General Contracting Shade Creek Watershed Brush Valley Township Ron Morris Association Supervisors Kathryn Moser Shade Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. Mike and Kathy Burk Mountain Laurel Trout Unlimited Shaffer’s Bottled Gas, Inc. California University of PA Charlie and Rose Moyer Somerset Conservation District Central City Sportsmen’s Wendy Neese-Cusimano Southmoreland Middle School Association New Baltimore Sportsmen’s Club Stonycreek Conemaugh River Cokeville Produce Market Norcross Wildlife Foundation Improvement Project Colcom Foundation NRG Homer City Service, LLC Stuver’s Riverside Nursery Consortium for Scientific Eric Null The EADS Group, Inc. Assistance to Watersheds Ohio River Watershed Celebration Walmart Foundation Dominion Foundation PA Department of Conservation Robert Wardrop East Taylor Township and Natural Resources Wetlands Construction, Inc. James and Holly Eckenrode PA Department of Environmental Wicked Googly Elk’s Lodge #406 Protection WN Tuscano Agency First Commonwealth Bank Paint Creek Regional Watershed The Stream Team regrets any errors or Windber office Association omissions. Please notify us immediately so that we may address your interests. Foundation for Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Watersheds Friends of Senator Don White Support our work! GoodShop / GoodSearch To make a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to Joe Gorden CVC and mail the check, along with this form, to CVC ~ P.O. Box 218 ~ Greater Ferndale Sportsmen’s Johnstown, PA 15907. In the memo put “Stream Team.” Thank you! Club Name: _________________________ Would you like to volunteer Steve Grodis Would you like to for special projects? volunteer for specialIf so, Telephone #: _____________________ Linda and Mike Gwinn please contact the Stream projects? If so, please Hollern and Sons Auto Sales Team’s Director to discuss Email: _________________________ volunteer opportunities. Indiana County Endowment Address: ________________________ Jenner Rod and Gun Club ________________________ Keep me anonymous. Jenner Township Supervisors Johnstown Garden Club In honor/memory of: ___________________________________ Ki s ki -C on emau gh St ream Team 2014 Annua l R ep ort

Page 10

903 Gilda Drive Windber, PA 15963 814.444.2669 [email protected] www.conemaughvalleyconservancy.org/conservation/kcst.html

2014 Annual Report - FINAL.pdf

stems of the Kiskiminetas and Conemaugh Rivers and on the main tributaries to these waters, as well as the. streams on which AMD systems were constructed.

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