2014-2015 N.B.H.S. COURSE SYLLABUS Course Number, Name (Level): 153, 152, 151 American Literature (all levels) Length: Full Year

Credit: 1/2 Credit per Semester

Description: An in-depth study of American Literature, including these genres: novels, poetry, short stories, and plays. The works that the students read have been selected on the basis of not only how they are "American" texts, but how they address thenotion of the American experience. Students' writing experiences include journals personal reaction papers, literary analyses and persuasive papers. Books & Materials: "A Dark Brown Dog," "The Story of An Hour," Of Mice and Men, "Scars," "Farewell to Violet," Fences, The Things They Carried, The Secret Life of Bees, selections from The American Experience (Pearson), and other materials. New Britain High School phone#: (860) 225-6300 Course Teachers Email Voicemail Ext. Ms. Harger [email protected] x4660 Ms. Moffett-Mals [email protected] x5060 Mrs. Nelson [email protected] x2790 Ms. Rich [email protected] x4081 Mrs. Gorr [email protected] x831

Extra Help Day(s) Tuesday Tuesday Thursday Monday Monday

Room # 220 219 241 203 202

Grading Your Work: All of your work is graded on the standard A-F scale. If you provide little or no work for a particular assessment, you receive a zero. Refer to the New Britain High School Handbook for further details. Calculating Your Grade: Your quarterly grade is based on a variety of assessment measures. The specific types of assessment to be used and their weights relative to one another, or their percentage of your overall grade, are: Tests/Quizzes/Projects 30 % Writing 35 % Class Participation 15 % Classwok/Homework

20 %

Attendance: In order to be successful in this class, your attendance is important. When you are not in class, you miss out on your learning experience and have to work harder to catch up. Absent work must be submitted one day after you return. Work due on the day you were absent is due on the day you return. See your handbook for details on the school’s attendance policy. Conduct: You are expected to display the New Britain High School virtues of respect, responsibility, civility, and effort at all times. Other Information: For this class please come prepared with writing utensils, multi-colored high-lighters, post-its, folders, notebooks, homework and any texts we are using.

2014-2015 nbhs course syllabus

New Britain High School phone#: (860) 225-6300. Course Teachers Email. Voicemail Ext. Extra Help Day(s). Room #. Ms. Harger [email protected] x4660.

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