Press Release For immediate release FIRST CITYPOD COMPOSTER INSTALLED IN CANADIAN UNIVERSITY Dorval, QC – 11/10/2014 - Located in the heart of the spectacular University of British Columbia campus, Alma Mater Society (AMS) of UBC installs one CityPod composter model M in new SUB.

UBC Campus in Vancouver, BC Canada UBC’s new SUB, the AMS Student Nest, opens its doors in March 2015. Built to LEED Platinum standards (the highest Green Building rating in North America), the Nest is operated by the student-run UBC Alma Mater Society and was largely funded by UBC students. Once opened, the Nest will boast a three-story climbing wall, daycare, rooftop garden, restaurants, and expanded area for student clubs.

UBC’s new SUB

CityPod composter model M / Manufacturer: Vertal Inc., Dorval, QC Canada

All food waste and compostable tableware from the SUB’s catering and food service operations are composted on-site in a 15’ all stainless steel in-vessel composter. The CityPod composter is installed in their new recycling room where all other recyclables are also housed. All pre consumer food waste collected in 35 gallon bins across the building are fed directly to the composter using a bin lift, while all post-consumer food waste and compostable ware collected in 35 gallon bins lined with compostable bags are shredded in a Bokashicycle Pulveriser prior to being fed to the composter thus reducing the size of material to insure the compostable ware fully decomposes through the 6 weeks biological composting process. The university intends to compost 40 tons of food waste this coming year in order to provide high quality nutrient rich compost to grow herbs and crops in their new rooftop garden.

From left to right: AMS Executive Chef: Ryan Bissel, AMS Sustainability Coordinators: Claire Melanson, Octavio Fragoso and AMS President: Tanner Bokor

VERTAL Inc. 691, Meloche Avenue, Dorval, QC H9P 2S4 Canada 1-866-647-1995 [email protected]

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