TSLA REPORT JUNE 2014 I. Resource Sharing The RFP for a Union Catalog is complete, with Auto-Graphics winning the bid. The new contract started April 1 and runs for 5 years. II. Technology Grants The 2015 grant cycle has opened! Applications are being accepted through July 31, 2014, with funds available for grantees starting October 1, 2014. Any public library in Tennessee is eligible to apply for this grant. The grant funds are available for technology equipment. This grant is especially focused on end user and networking equipment (not infrastructure). III. State Standards The updated Tennessee Standards for Non-Metropolitan Libraries have been approved and are available at http://tn.gov/tsla/lps/Library%20Standards%20for%20Non-Metropolitan%20Libraries.pdf . Printed versions will be distributed to libraries across the state. IV. State Data Collection A review of the questions to be asked in the Annual Public Library Survey for FY 2013/2014 starts next week. This IMLS survey has always included Tennessee-specific questions from TSLA, and is released in the fall for all Tennessee public libraries to complete. This year’s survey will include two additional data elements: Electronic Circulation and Wireless Sessions. Both of these elements have been included by IMLS to more accurately capture the services that libraries across the country provide. V. Library Automation There are now 93 libraries using the AGENT Verso ILS system. The next round (Round 7) of VERSO implementation is open to the Holston River Regional libraries that are transitioning from Sierra. There are now 10 libraries with no automation system, and 3 still using unsupported systems. VI.Continuing Education Summer Reading statistics gathering has been updated, with specific definitions shared with libraries. This should provide clear, measureable and comparable numbers to share in future years. The TSLA Continuing Education Committee continues their work towards a second state-wide CE Summit for next year. VII. TEL Promotion Search Engine Marketing wrapped up on March 1, 2014. TEL advertised test prep, homework help and genealogy services to Tennesseans via Google Search ads and Facebook. More people are found the TEL website, and they spent more time on the page.. Compared to the same time period (August-February) in the previous year, the number of visitors to the TEL main page has increased 5.23% and there has been a 6.34% increase in the number of unique visits to the TEL main page. The majority of the Facebook and Google ads are for TEL’s test preparation services. Compared to the same time period last year (minus February), usage of this section of TEL increased 12%.

The TEL promotional video is completed, and the fulllength version is available on the TEL website, Vimeo and YouTube. The 30 second version of this video is currently being shown at 29 movie theaters across the state, on 383 screens, multiple times each day. Coverage runs from April 4-June 26, 2014.

The TEL billboards are back! This year’s budget allowed for another run of billboards with non-profit pricing through the Outdoor Advertising Association of Tennessee. There are 20 located on major highways across the state. While we have little control of their placement and how long they are up, this is another way to showcase the resources in TEL.

VIII. TEL Usage Statistics Jan–April 2014 Vendor Gale

2013 11,823,850

2014 11,920,032













Heritage Quest




World Book










Learning Express 2

Ancestry.com 3






Gale has changed their methodology for counting searches. From now on, TEL usage numbers will more accurately reflect the number of items clicked on by a patron, not the number of items brought back for a search. They are now COUNTER 4 compliant. This is expected to lower the number of searches reported. 1

Learning Express switched platforms mid-January 2014. Powerspeak Languages began April 1, 2013, so the 2013 number is for 1 month. 3 Tutor.com pilot program runs September 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. 2

The federated search on the TEL website has also been modified. The list includes 7 resources, instead of the entirety of the TEL collection. This will provide more focused results for those using the Search for Articles box on the TEL website. The Tennessee Primary History Collection continues to be an option, allowing the Volunteer Voices website search to function properly. This will also lower the searches reported by TEL vendors. IX. TEL Databases LEL 3.0 Switching to a new platform presents a variety of challenges. Several schools were waiting for the end of the semester to switch over to the new version. The older version will turn off on June 30 th and drive all traffic to the new platform. The MARC records for the new platform are expected to be completed later this year. TutorTN The pilot program in Knox County wraps up at the end of June. While the Department of Education was not able to add additional funding to their budget, we continue working to expand the program statewide to help all Tennessee students reach their academic and career goals in the coming years, especially in the increasing important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. In this program, students of Knox County schools have access via their unique student login, while Knox County Public Library patrons have access via their library card number. A statewide program with geoauthentication, like the rest of TEL, would be very expensive. One way to limit the costs would be to use library card number authentication. There is a possibility that the pilot program will be repeated in 3 new locations in the coming school year, with selection preference given to counties with one library system and one school district. Continuing the pilot will provide more opportunities for expanded state funding in the future. X. TEL Training TEL Training & Outreach Calendar May 1-2 May 13 May 28-29 June 4 June 10 June 19 June 20 June 24-27 July 8-11 July 15-16 July 30 August 4 May 1-2 May 13

Murfreesboro Hendersonville Bolivar Cleveland Fayetteville Milan Martin Various Kodak Smithville Kingston Nashville Murfreesboro Hendersonville

TLA Conference School in-service School in-service P-16 Summit School in-service TASL Summer session TTT at UTM TTT TETA Summer Institute School in-service School in-service School in-service TLA Conference School in-service

TEL Train the Trainer There are five TEL Train the Trainer sessions scheduled June 20-27, with waiting lists at Murfreesboro. Handouts, presentations and training scripts are being updated and are provided electronically to all who attend. TEL bookmarks, notepads, magnets and posters are also distributed. Those who attend are expected to share TEL with their colleagues, and contacted when someone in their area requests a TEL training session. TEL Lesson Plan Project I’ve recruited a dedicated group of volunteers for data entry of lesson plans into the new format, with others reviewing lesson plans for inclusion. Estimated completion date is August 2014. TEL University Plans continue for a more dynamic online training component for those not able to attend TTT sessions. Committees have been formed to review existing material and make recommendations on what should be included, updated or removed. Respectfully submitted, Wendy Cornelisen TEL Coordinator Tennessee State Library & Archives


The TEL billboards are back! This year's budget allowed. for another run of billboards with non-profit pricing. through the Outdoor Advertising Association of.

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