2012 Annual Report 2012 was a busy year full of events and important international processes that advanced implementation of the GLISPA 2012 to 2015 Strategy. The outcomes further positioned GLISPA as an important mechanism for conservation of islands biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods. GLISPA is a maturing partnership moving into a new era of growth. As we enter into our eighth year, the Partnership continues to focus on implementation of the GLISPA 2012 to 2015 Strategy and the need to improve the sustainability of the partnership.

2012 to 2015 GLISPA Strategy Mission The Global Island Partnership promotes actions for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods by inspiring leadership, catalyzing commitments, and facilitating collaboration Focus All Islands Goals Support successful implementation of partner commitments Catalyze new commitments to address critical island issues Establish and maintain a flexible and efficient Partnership responsive to its partners’ needs and aspirations Priorities Successful implementation of regional island challenges and other partner commitments Ecosystem-based adaptation, mitigation and reducing the threat of invasive species Linking conservation and sustainable livelihoods to development dialogue


IMPACT Since it was launched in 2006, GLISPA has: Inspired leadership for conservation & sustainability Helped inspire, recognize and support leaders in Micronesia, the Caribbean, Indonesia and the Western Indian Ocean to work with their neighbors on visionary regional island initiatives (‘Challenges’) for conservation and sustainability Assisted island leaders to advocate for ecosystem-based adaptation to be recognized internationally Catalyzed commitments to large-scale action and financing Assisted more than 30 countries to launch or strengthen major island commitments focused on island conservation and sustainable management of marine, coastal and/ or terrestrial habitats Helped catalyze more than $130 million USD in commitments for island actions Facilitated collaboration Enhanced collaboration among political leaders, key government ministries and agencies, and non-governmental partners working on shared commitments through 9 high level events and more than 30 strategic events at key global and regional meetings Recognized and promoted each island commitment as a beacon of inspiration and guidance to others

RECOGNITION GLISPA is recognized as: A mechanism for advancing the conservation of island biodiversity (Decision IX/21, CBD COP9 and Decision XI/15, CBD COP11) A best-practice partnership by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) A success factor in the preparations for the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)


New & Inspired Leadership In May 2012, H.E. James Michel the President of Seychelles and H.E. Johnson Toribiong the President of Palau invited H.E. Tillman Thomas the Prime Minister Grenada as a new Co-Chair to the Partnership expanding the leadership of the Partnership to three of the major island regions: the Indian Ocean, Pacific and Caribbean1. Grenada’s first action as co-chair was to host, on behalf of the three GLISPA Co-Chairs, the “Leaders Valuing Nature: A Celebration of Commitments” event at Rio+20 with H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the President of Indonesia. This event, coordinated by The Nature Conservancy and GLISPA, resulted in significant commitments to achieve a “green” and “blue” economy by a range of leaders. Palau’s election near the end of 2012 saw the re-election of GLISPA’s co-founder and chair, H.E. Tommy Remengesau as President. We take this opportunity to thank outgoing chair, President Toribiong for his support to GLISPA throughout his term as Co-Chair of the Partnership.

Turning the Spotlight on Island Action

2012 Results In 2012, the Partnership coordinated three strategic high level events that resulted in:  Five heads of state making commitments to island conservation and sustainable livelihoods o 4 conservation commitments: Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Indonesia and Seychelles o 3 public funding commitments: European Union and Australia (2) o 6 leadership commitments: Grenada, The Nature Conservancy, The Nippon Foundation, Seychelles, U.K. British Virgin Islands, United Nations Development Programme  Greater linkages between conservation, livelihoods and development  The demonstration of significant implementation efforts by islands In addition, the Partnership coordinated six side events and two plenary presentations that showcased the action islands are taking and which supported strategic priorities on ecosystem based adaptation, linking conservation and development and the green economy, invasive species and showcasing GLISPA commitments.


During the February 2013 Grenadian elections H.E. Keith Mitchell was elected as Prime Minister.


Rio+20 Leaders Valuing Nature Rio+20 offered GLISPA an opportunity to make progress on the green economy and funding for ecosystem based adaptation priorities. The prestigious Leaders Valuing Nature event, co-coordinated by The Nature Conservancy and GLISPA, was hosted by the Prime Minister of Grenada, on behalf of the GLISPA Co-chairs, and the President of Indonesia. Significant announcements and commitments were made by five heads of state committing to advance blue economies, including:  the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda committing to protect 20% of their near shore marine area and 15% of their terrestrial area by 2020 and to exploring a range of options to sustainably finance this including debt for adaptation swaps  the Vice President of Seychelles to start financially supporting GLISPA Coordination with $10,000 per year for the next three years and a commitment to explore a debt for adaptation swap,  a leadership commitment by the Prime Minister of Grenada to hosting a high level Caribbean Business and Leaders Summit in 2013 Read the Event Spotlight here: http://glispa.org/?page_id=536

Leaders Valuing Nature at Rio+20: Left to Right: Glenn Prickett (The Nature Conservancy), Chairman Yohei Sasakawa (The Nippon Foundation), Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australia), President Yudhoyono (Indonesia), Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer (Antigua and Barbuda), Prime Minister Tillman Thomas (Grenada), Vice Minister Soto (Colombia), Vice President Danny Faure (Seychelles)


CBD COP11 Island Innovations In support of the CBD Programme of Work on Island Biodiversity (PoWIB), a High Level Event titled “Island Innovations” took place at the CBD COP11, hosted by the Governments of India and Seychelles and organized by GLISPA to showcase the way islands are making significant implementation efforts. The event, emceed by Brett Jenks, CEO of Rare, resulted in significant announcements including: the move to join the Caribbean Challenge Initiative by the British Minister Payet of Seychelles (middle) and Brett Virgin Islands and to co-host the Caribbean Leaders and Jenks of Rare (right) greet CBD Executive Secretary Business Summit in 2013, the launch of the US$35 during the high level celebration million Caribbean Biodiversity Fund, the announcement of a new tranche of funding for European Overseas islands through BEST and a series of funding commitments to GLISPA. This event enabled the engagement of two island constituencies that we would like to engage more fully in GLISPA – Hawai`i and Europe Overseas Countries and Territories. In the lead up to the CBD COP11, the Partnership convened a working group to offer guidance and leadership to ensure a successful review and strong decision on the programme of work on island biodiversity (PoWIB). Strategic events were coordinated during SBSTTA16 in Montreal April and CBD COP11 in Hyderabad in October with the result of a strategic, focused decision being made at COP11. The specific language related to GLISPA in this decision: “Invites Parties to recognize and engage with the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) as an effective partner to support implementation of the programme of work.” Which builds on the decision in 2008 at COP 9 (Decision COP IX/21) which recognized GLISPA as one of the mechanisms to implement the island biodiversity programme of work and welcomed the establishment of a coordination mechanism (to be hosted by IUCN), and the 2006 decision at COP 8 (Decision VIII/1) which ‘encourages Parties to establish national, subregional, regional and international island partnerships that bring Governments and civil society organizations together to increase political, financial and technical support to accelerate the implementation of the programme of work on island biodiversity". As a partnership mechanism to support implementation of the Programme of Work on Delegates from Nauru, New Zealand, Hawai’i and Samoa share successes during the evening event. Island BIodiveristy, GLISPA’s role and the importance of the existence of a partnership such as GLISPA is now widely recognized and valued which was clear in the range of supporting statements by Parties (big and small, developed and developing) at COP 11. Read the Event Spotlight here: http://glispa.org/?page_id=536


Strengthening an island constituency Building Momentum with European Overseas Entities M. Maurice Ponga, member of the European Parliament from New Caledonia, along with the Overseas Country and Territory Association2 and the European Union Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories Programme of IUCN see significant benefit in working together with GLISPA and other islands to raise awareness and promote action for conservation of their island biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods. European overseas entities are the territories associated to the European Union that are non independent and have strong links to the EU Member States. They are home to a unique diversity of species and ecosystems of global significance, yet as with other islands they are high vulnerable to impacts of humans and a changing climate. To this end a number of discussions have taken place in 2012 including: 1. A presentation by GLISPA to the 2nd Europe Overseas Roundtable on Biodiversity and Climate Change on opportunities for Europe Overseas engagement in the GLISPA. 2. A meeting between Ambassador Jumeau and representatives of OCTA (in 2012 OCTA was chaired by Greenland) at Rio+20 in June which included the Sustainable Development Minister of New Caledonia and the Minister for International Cooperation of Greenland as well as other representatives from New Caledonia, Denmark and GLISPA to discuss areas of cooperation. 3. A presentation by GLISPA to the 3rd Europe Overseas Roundtable on Biodiversity and Climate Change (by video) in December 2012 in particular in relation to GLISPA activities at CBD COP 11. The outcome of this activity and discussion is an invitation to OCTA and to IUCN’s Europe Overseas Initiative to the 2013 GLISPA Steering Committee Meeting to make some tangible activities that we will work together on that align with GLISPA’s 2015 Strategy and which is better informed by their participation. As well as that there is increasing engagement separately by territories like the British Virgin Islands in the work of GLISPA as a mechanism for collaboration, identifying areas of common strategy and learning from each other. A model of green growth in Hawai`i Key stakeholders in Hawai`i have made William Aila, Jr. Chair of Hawai`i’s Department of Land & Natural Resources, shares insights into how Hawaii has engaged in a multiconsiderable progress towards establishing sector partnership to advance a green economy, during Island Bright a model of green growth which could be Spots. replicated by other islands and the U.S. With the support of GLISPA’s Senior Advisor, Audrey Newman, the Hawai`i Green Growth Initiative now has over 40 active members representing 34 key public agencies, private organizations and statewide


OCTA is a member body of the overseas countries and territories represent the collective interests of the members at the EU level.


alliances that provide leadership in clean energy, food security, natural resource management and green jobs in Hawai’i. The Hawai`i Green Growth initiative participated in two international events (WCC and COP 11) and at the state level held four Working Group meetings and a Strategy Retreat in Hawai`i to strengthen crosssector support for key initiatives, develop multi-sector partnerships on priority actions, and build Hawai`i ’s brand as an island example of integrated green growth. The group developed and began implementation of the first HGG Strategy, provided critical input to the Hawai`i Watershed Initiative, and completed scoping for a statewide Sustainability Measures & Partnership Project.

Bright Spots With the significant contribution of Rare, GLISPA explored a new model of side event at COP 11 – a world café style bright spots event which enabled islands to share specific examples of activities that are working and potentially replicable that relate to the revised programme of work on island biodiversity. The model has also fine tuned GLISPA’s approach in encouraging investment on what works and on what is potentially replicable – and the launch of an effort on sharing these bright spots between islands.

Bright spots are shared during CBD COP11 becoming a new approach for GLISPA to encourage investment in what is working.

A new invasives working group formed in 2012 which will focus on mobilising high level interest and action on invasives. With initial support from Island Conservation’s Olivier Langrand as chair, Phil Andreozzi from the US National Invasive Species Council has recently taken on the role of co-chair of this group. We look forward to significant progress in the activities of this group in 2013.


A Flexible and Sustainable Partnership 2012 Results   

President of Seychelles commits funding to GLISPA Coordination Italy, Island Conservation, The Nature Conservancy and Rare make commitments to GLISPA Coordination Revised governance structure introduced to strengthen governance decision making

During Rio+20, Vice President Danny Faure of Seychelles made a notable commitment to contribute USD10,000 annually for three years to the coordination of the Partnership to ensure that GLISPA can continue to play a key role in advancing conservation and livelihoods action for islands. The Seychelles joins Rare, Island Conservation, Italy, The Nature Conservancy, U.S.A, IUCN who have each made new funding commitments to the Coordination of the partnership. The contribution of all of these GLISPA participants and in particular chairs and steering committee members is the result of recognition of the need for GLISPA to diversify its funding base from the initial seed funding it received from The Nature Conservancy, Italy and IUCN. This effort to diversify will continue through 2013. At the request of the 2012 Steering Committee, the Partnership has starts 2013 with a revised governance structure. The new structure introduces a smaller Executive Committee focused on partnership governance and decision making and a broader Steering Committee focused on development, implementation and monitoring of the GLISPA strategy. We welcome the leadership of the Co-Chairs, Steering Committee and expanding GLISPA family to help steer us toward our goal of promoting action for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods.


2012 Event Chronicle Event CBD COP-11: PoWIB 19 October 2012 CBD COP-11 Island Innovations (Summit) Island Life: Celebrating leadership and commitment to action 16 October 2012

Type Plenary

Summary - PoWIB adopted (Decision XI/15)

High Level









Caribbean Biodiversity Fund officially launched Deputy Premier of BVI, Dr Kedrick Pickering announced British Virgin Islands will co-host Caribbean Challenge Political and Business Leaders Summit with Richard Branson & Grenada Republic of the Marshall Islands Minister in Assistance to the President, The Honorable Tony de Brum highlighted progress on their shark sanctuary and the Micronesia Challenge New Caledonia’s member of the European Parliament, Mr Maurice Ponga, announced the EU’s continued funding (2million euro) for Voluntary Scheme for Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Territories of European Overseas (BEST) and push to better integrate EU overseas biodiversity conservation and resource management in EU policies. The Chair of Hawai`i’s Department of Land &Natural Resources, William Aila showcased the state’s innovative approach to achieving a green economy by bringing together Hawai`ian leaders from energy, food and the environment together as part of the Hawai’i Green Growth Initiative Ecuador’s Director of the Galapagos National Park, Edwin Naula, announced the recent creation of the Galapagos Invasive Species. Endowment’ which currently is generating around UD$925,000 for managing invasive species in the archipelago. UNDP also announced its intention to provide further support to islands Dr. Naoko Ishii was welcomed as the new CEO and Director of The Global Environment Facility. Palau was recognized for their global leadership in marine policy in establishing Palau’s Protected Areas Network Act, initiated in 2003, and the Shark Haven Act from 2009 which resulted in Palau being the winner of the Future Policy Award 2012. CBD Executive Secretary, Braulio Dias recognized that islands

Host NA

Financial & In-Kind Support NA

Seychelles India

Coord: GLISPA, TNC, Rare Funding: SCBD/ Japan Biodiversity Fund, The Trust for Sustainable Livelihoods, IUCN, SPREP, Rare (in kind)

are leaders in achieving the Aichi targets. Introduced the Island Bright Spot concept as an approach to share what works in advancing conservation of island biodiversity via exchanging innovations and successes. - 10 bright spots were identified and shared.

CBD COP-11 Island Innovations (summit): Island Bright Spots 16 October 2012

Side Event

World Conservation Congress: Catalysing island leadership to address global challenges: lessons and experiences World Conservation Congress: Global Island Partnership (GLISPA)- reflecting on island achievements in preparation towards CBD COP 11 10 September World Conservation Congress: Island Initiatives for a Green Economy

Side Event

Demonstrated leading edge conservation at large-scale that can help implement global conventions by sharing the successes and lessons from the Micronesia Challenge, Caribbean Challenge, Big Ocean network and others.

Side Event


Side Event

Demonstrated leading role that islands are playing in promoting green economy. Featured GLISPA, CANARI, Hawai`i , Micronesia Challenge.

Rio+20: The Island Hub


Rio+20: Meeting of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (for the


Provided a space for islands and friends of islands to meet informally, network and display information on successful projects and initiatives. “Building the Future We Want: The Caribbean Challenge Initiative” video was launched. Ambassador Jumeau (Seychelles) and Kate Brown (GLISPA Coordinator) met with The Hon. Palle Christiansen (Minister for Cooperation of Greenland), Monsieur Anthony Lecren (Minister of Sustainable Development of New Caledonia), Chloe Calvignac of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) of which

10 | P a g e

Support preparation for COP 11 on the PoWIB Created momentum towards the CBD COP-11 Island Innovations (Island Summit)

Seychelles and India

Coordination: GLISPA & Rare Funding: Rare, Japan Biodiversity Fund, CBD Secretariat, Seychelles, IUCN









European Union) June 21, 2012 Rio+20: Sustainable Mountain Development Challenges in Islands – The Global Island Partnership meets the Mountain Partnership June 22, 2012 Rio+20: Leaders Valuing Nature 21 June 2012

11 | P a g e

Side Event

High Level Event

Greenland is current chair. The outcome is that OCTA see GLISPA as an important opportunity for their constituents to engage on common issues that are important to them with other islands. Highlighted the potential for collaboration between two partnerships supported by Italy – the Mountain Partnership and Global Island Partnership. The event promoted discussion among policy makers and development partners on specific challenges and potentials of sustainable management of islands' mountain ecosystem services.

High level breakfast to focus attention on how leaders will implement innovative natural solutions to achieve sustainable development, and to set the course for a new global development framework following Rio+20. Commitments from 6 Heads of State:  Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer; to protecting 20 percent of their near shore marine area and 15 percent of their terrestrial area by 2020,  Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard; national commitment to place more than 3 million square kilometers of Australia’s oceans under conservation management; double support to Coral Triangle Initiative, to AU$8 million and an additional AU$25 million in funding for fisheries and climate change adaptation in the Pacific.  Grenada, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas; committed to co-host Caribbean Political and Business Leaders summit with Sir Richard Branson  Indonesia, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono; committed to strengthen blue economy efforts including leadership in the Coral Triangle Initiative  Seychelles, Vice President Danny Faure: commit to establish 30% of coastal zone as marine protected areas, with half in no take zones subject to debt for adaptation swap generating funding of U.S$2,500 per year. Seychelles committed $10k for 3 years to GLISPA Coordination. Committed to continue support



Prime Minister Thomas of Grenada (on behalf of the GLISPA cochairs)

Coordination: GLISPA & TNC Funding: TNC, Italy,

President Yuhdoyono of Indonesia

Rio+20: Securing the Island Future We Want 20 June 2012

High Level



SBSTTA-16: Planning the Island Summit 3 May 2012 SBSTTA-16: GLISPA Delegation meets with CBD Exec Secretary 2 May 2012






SBSTTA-16: Opening

12 | P a g e



launch of WIO-CC. The Nippon Foundation, Chairman Yohei Sasakawa - Committed to provide resources to nations that have made “blue economy” commitments at Rio+20. Committed to launch a new initiative involving a ten-year, high-level dialogue process and the development of new programs to advance sustainable use of ocean resources. The Nature Conservancy, Glenn Prickett, Vice President of External Affairs - committed to help the leaders implement the commitments to ensure the greatest benefit for people and the natural resources necessary for sustainable and equitable growth. Key actions will include facilitating debt-for-climate adaptation swaps and other innovative finance mechanisms. Announced H.E. Tillman Thomas, Prime Minister of Grenada as a co-chair of the Partnership Italy announced funding for SIDS to participate 2012 WCC & €1.5 million to a Pacific energy project, part including GLISPA Coordination staff costs. Progress updates on CCI, MC, WIO-CC Debt for Adaptation Swaps introduced as an innovative mechanism to finance a green and blue economy GEF & World Bank note GLISPA as a successful Partnership Agreement on priority outcomes for the Island Summit as well as emerging opportunities to mobilize commitments. Established Island Summit Working Group Demonstrated GLISPA as an effective platform to support parties in implementation of the PoWIB as well as highlight particular issues in the lead up to COP 11 for islands. Dr. Dias emphasized the need for focus on implementation, particularly through partnerships & need to demonstrate the financing gap faced by countries more clearly, to increase availability of regional and global funds for biodiversity, to explore the interlinkages with the Rio+20 process and to promote mainstreaming. Dr. Dias is aware that island biodiversity is highly threatened and that islands need more support. Recommendation XVI/3 adopted by SBSTTA-16. “ISLAND

Seychelles Grenada

Italy, IOC, PCI Media Impact, TNC, IUCN, UNEP CEP & CAMPAM.



Seychelles, Palau, Grenada




of the In-Depth Review of the PoWIB 30 April 2012

SBSTTA-16: Implementing the PoWIB: Lessons and Challenges 30 April 2012

Side Event

Micronesia Chief Executive Summit, 12 March 2012 Annual Steering Committee Meeting


13 | P a g e

Steering Committee

BIODIVERSITY: in-depth review of the implementation of the programme of work” - Cook Islands made a statement on behalf of SIDS looking forward to the COP 11 Island Summit to recognize leadership by Island States and States with Islands in taking early action on the PoWIB and their contribution to the Aichi Targets. - Demonstrated that the objectives of the CBD cannot be truly implemented without addressing biodiversity loss on islands and the relationship between this and sustainable livelihoods - Reinforced that to be successful it is necessary for parties and partners to continue working together in partnership - Emphasized that progress is possible and that islands are committed to taking action, particularly through Regional Island Challenges - Launched Islands Comms Toolkit Video message from Amb Jumeau highlighting GLISPA & WIO-CC.

Chair: Amb Jumeau (Seychelles), Spencer Thomas (Grenada)  Created an action plan to achieve GLISPA financial sustainability 2012 – 2015  Reviewed progress of 2010-12 GLISPA Strategy  Identified priority outcomes and activities for 2012 & 2013  Set a minimum set of measures of success to track GLISPA progress (GLISPA Dashboard)  Strengthened the GLISPA team, leadership and governance, including Steering Committee, Co-chairs and engagement of participating countries and organizations.


CBDS Japan Fund for Biodiversity



Seychelles, Grenada

Core Funding (TNC/IUCN/Italy)

GLISPA Participants in 2012Governments Antigua & Barbuda



Marshall Islands


New Zealand






New Zealand

Cook Islands


Costa Rica




Centro de Investigación en Geografía Aplicada




Dominican Republic

Papua New Guinea

Conservation International


Saint Kitts and Nevis

Council of Europe

European Union

Saint Lucia


Federated States of Micronesia


Dalhousie University, Canada


Duke University

Solomon Islands

Gaia Amazon Foundation

South Africa

GEF Secretariat



Trinidad and Tobago

Global Water Partnership

United Kingdom United States of America

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

States & Territories

Indian Ocean Commission

New Caledonia

Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN)

Fiji Grenada France Germany Grenada Guatemala Guyana Haiti India Indonesia Italy Jamaica Japan Kiribati Korea

14 | P a g e

U.K. Bermuda U.K. British Virgin Islands U.S. Guam U.S. Hawai`i Organizations African Union

Alliance for Sustainability (Alisos) Aspen International Mountain Foundation Birdlife International Blue Ventures CBD Lifeweb CBD Secretariat

Island Conservation IUCN McGill University, Canada MedPan Micronesia Conservation Trust Mountain Partnership

National Audubon Society (U.S.)

University of British Columbia, Canada

National Research Council of Italy

University of Guelph

NAUSICAA / World Ocean Network France NRDC Overseas Countries Territories Association OPIC Pacific Invasives Initiative Pacific Island Forum PANOS Caribbean Rare Satoyama Initiative SPREP Stockholm Institute Stockholm Resilience Center Students on Ice Alumni Delegation, Canada Sustainability Trust TEEB - UFZ The Directorate for Nature Management The Nature Conservancy The Nippon Foundation Traffic United Nations UNDESA UNDP UNEP UNEP-WCMC UNITAR

15 | P a g e

University of Sassari University of Sydney UN-OHRLLS UNOPS University of the South Pacific Velondriake Association William J. Clinton Foundation World Bank World Future Council World Futures Institute WWF

2012 Annual Report -

made by five heads of state committing to advance blue economies, including: • the Prime .... Italy, Island Conservation, The Nature Conservancy and Rare make ...

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