Satisfaction with ACT health system increasing Satisfaction levels with the ACT healthcare system have increased with approximately 85 per cent of people saying they were very satisfied with the ACT health system, Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher, said today. The Chief Minister released the latest results from the ACT Healthcare Patient Satisfaction Survey. “The latest satisfaction survey shows that the ACT does have a health care system that the Canberra community is generally satisfied with and I am pleased to see that the latest results are showing an increase with satisfaction when compared to the last survey period,” the Chief Minister said. Overall Satisfaction and Help Received show that there has been an increase in overall satisfaction from 80 to 85% and from 80 to 82% for help received since the survey commenced. The report also shows that 84.7% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with all aspects of the hospital/health service. “This detailed survey covers community views about all areas including overall care, rights and respect, quality and safety, participation, conduct of staff and information and communication, since the initial survey was undertaken in 2010,” the Chief Minister said. “The ongoing collection of this information from the patients helps us to identify where we are getting it right, and where we need to improve. From these results we know that we treat patients with respect, and they appreciate it. “There are always aspects where we can improve our service to the community like providing a restful environment and storage facilities for personal belongings, explaining routines and procedures and involving patients more in planning their care and return home. ACT Health is already working on some of these issues through a range of activities, including having more single rooms and storage space in our new facilities, including patients and families in discussions with care teams and reviewing our written materials to clearly explain what will happen during patients’ stay in hospital.” the Chief Minister concluded. Statement Ends Date: Thursday December 5, 2013. Media Contact: Patrick Cronan

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