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Corpus!Christi! !!

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Round!Lake,!New!York! “Becoming*the*Body*of*Christ*by*worshiping*God*and*serving*others”*

November!1,!2015! !

! Rev.!Larry!Paolicelli! Sacramental!Minister! ! P:!(518)!87768506! F:!(518)!87765620! [email protected]!

! 2001!Route!9! Round!Lake,!NY!12151! !

www.corpuschristichurch.net! !

Office!Hours! !

Monday6Thursday! 8:30am64:00pm! Friday! Front!office!closed! !


Mass!Schedule! !

Daily:!9:00am! Saturday:!4:00pm!Vigil! Sunday:!8:00am,!! 11:00am,! ASL Interpreted 1st Sunday of the month


3rd Sunday of each month !


Reconciliation! !

Saturdays!3:0063:30pm! or!by!appointment! !


Baptism! !

Contact!the!office!to!schedule! the!baptism.!Baptism! Preparation!class!for!parents! first!Tuesday!of!each!month,! 7:3069:00pm.!Registration! for!class!is!required,!contact! the!office!to!select!a!date.! !



National Vocations Awareness Week


Mondays!6:0067:00pm!in!the! Daily!Mass!Chapel! !


November 1-7, 2015

Anointing!of!the!Sick! !

By!request,!contact!the!office! !


Marriage! !

Contact!the!parish!at!least!six! months!prior!to!the!proposed! date!of!the!wedding!

what is

your vocation? how is God calling you?



Whether!you!are!a!returning!parishioner!or!a!visitor!worshiping!with!us!for!the! first!time,!you!are!welcome!at!Corpus!Christi!Church!!We!are!a!diverse!parish! that!celebrates!the!presence!of!Jesus!Christ!in!our!midst.!Thank!you!for!joining! us!today!! !

New!Parishioners:! !

Welcome!!Please!register!with!the!parish!by!calling!the!office!! and!requesting!a!Registration!Form!and!a!Welcome!Packet.! !



Sacramental Minister Rev. Larry Paolicelli Pastoral Associate for Administration, Director of Music Matthew Duclos [email protected], ext. 301 Coordinator of Religious Education Eileen Earle [email protected], ext. 373 Coordinator of Youth Ministry Djemila M. Stevens [email protected], Ext. 306 Pastoral Care Rob & Shirley Pilch [email protected], ext. 302 Bereavement Sharon Ryan [email protected] Parish Accountant Gail Moore [email protected], ext. 307


Solemnity of All Saints On this solemnity of All Saints, let us turn to the saints' reflections upon Christ's beatitudes. Blessed are... ... the poor in spirit: "Not even God can put anything in a heart that is already full" -Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. ... they who mourn: "They who weep for their own sins are blessed" --St. Thomas Aquinas. ... the meek: "There is nothing as strong as true meekness; there is nothing as gentle as true strength" --St. Francis de Sales. ... they who hunger and thirst for righteousness: "First of all, we must be just towards God. Let this fact be firmly impressed in our hearts, so that it shows in our behavior, for it is the touchstone of the true 'hunger and thirst for justice'" --St. Josemaría Escrivá. ... the merciful: "If a soul does not exercise mercy in one way or another, it will not obtain [Christ's] mercy on the Day of Judgment" --St. Faustina Kowalska. ... the clean of heart: "The pure soul is a beautiful rose, and the Three Divine Persons descend from Heaven to inhale its fragrance" --St. John Vianney. ... the peacemakers: "Peace is not just the absence of war ... Like a cathedral, peace must be constructed patiently and with unshakable faith" --St. John Paul II. ... they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness: "This is the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Gospel. How, then, can it be said, that those believe in the Gospel who say: 'Blessed are those who have money; blessed are those who suffer nothing ... pitiable is the man that suffers persecution and ill-treatment from others'? ... Either they do not believe the Gospel, or ... they believe only a part of it" --St. Alphonsus Liguori. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2016, 70th Anniversary edition of the Parish Directory! This will be a wonderful tool for everyone (including the new pastor) to match names with faces. The final product will be distributed in January.

Maintenance Department Ed Nash [email protected], ext. 308

Special thanks to those who helped at the registration table!

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Karen Stockton, [email protected]

Young Adults of Corpus Christi All parishioners ages 18-39 are welcome to attend! We’ll be viewing the second installment of the Catholicism Series. Feel free to attend even if you didn’t watch the first one. Sunday, Nov. 1, 6pm in Room 8.

Prayer & Liturgy Judy Mullins, [email protected] Evangelization Paul Wajda, [email protected]

To view the video: 1. Go to www.formed.org; 2. Scroll down to where it says "If you are in a Formed.org parish, enter your code here"; 3. Enter the code 8e84d3; 4. Fill out your personal information (no payment is needed); 5. In the "Programs" section, scroll to "Exploring the Catholic Faith"; 6. Click on "Catholicism"

(Facebook: search “Corpus Christi Evangelization”)

Landings (Welcome Returning Catholics) Carrie Wajda, [email protected] Trustees Robert Abromaitis, [email protected] Thomas Eckert, [email protected] For other ministry contact information, visit our website: www.corpuschristichurch.net/ministries Download the app! Search “Corpus Christi Church”


Sun, Nov 1: Mon, Nov 2: Tues, Nov 3: Wed, Nov 4: Thurs, Nov 5: Fri, Nov 6: Sat, Nov 7: Sun, Nov 8:

Daily Readings Rv 7:2-4, 9-14/1 Jn 3:1-3/Mt 5:1-12a Wis 3:1-9/Rom 5:5-11 or 6:3-9/Jn 6:37-40 Rom 12:5-16b/Lk 14:15-24 Rom 13:8-10/Lk 14:25-33 Rom 14:7-12/Lk 15:1-10 Rom 15:14-21/Lk 16:1-8 Rom 16:3-9, 16, 22-27/Lk 16:9-15 1 Kgs 17:10-16/Heb 9:24-28/Mk 12:38-44 or 12:41-44


! ! !Sunday ! ! ! !Monday !Tuesday !Wednesday ! Thursday ! !Friday !Saturday ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! !


4:00pm Janice DeLoriea by Valerie Pisano Rev. James Clark by Fred & Pat Calicchia-Anderson 8:00am

Alicia Selkirk by John & Sharon Ryan Josie Birbiglia by Angie Paquette and Bob & Angie Rybak

11:00am Gilbert DeLude by the Corpus Christi Community 9:00am

Howard Tucker by Mary Tucker


Prayer Service


Prayer Service


Prayer Service


Shawn McCarthy by Vickie McCarthy

4:00pm Geri Johnson by the Mother Mary Rosary Group Jerry Acunzo by Charles & AnnMarie Abel 8:00am

Scott Ryan by John & Sharon Ryan Eleanor Rudley by Joan & Tim O’Rourke

11:00am Mathews Family by John Dorcas Allen by Louis Manzi Lorraine Turchin by Louis Manzi

SANCTUARY LAMP The Sanctuary Lamp in the Reservation Chapel is lit in memory of Josie Birbiglia and Mr. “B” by Joan Sweeney and Malta Senior.

STEWARDSHIP! Please remember Corpus Christi in your will. Contact the office for information on planned giving. Parish Financial Support October 24-25, 2015 Envelopes & Loose checks (272) Loose Cash E-Giving (39) Total ADULT FAITH ENRICHMENT:

$7,329 1,045 1,351 $9,725 SYMBOLON!

Our first fall session of Symbolon will be held on Sunday, November 10th in the Parish Hall from 9:15am to 10:45am; during the morning session of faith formation classes. The first session is titled The Bible. God’s Love Letter to Humanity. What do you know about the Bible? Perhaps you are coming from a faith tradition that emphasizes Scripture reading, and you know a great deal. But maybe all you know about the Bible is that it is a famous and holy book. Whatever you know (or don’t know), this week’s session will introduce you to the Catholic understanding of Scripture. Pre-registration IS NOT REQUIRED. All are welcome!

SINGERS NEEDED!! Do you like singing Christmas music? Join the choir for the Christmas season! Rehearsals are each Thursday evening from 7:008:30pm in church. We welcome new singers to this ministry!

WEEKLY CALENDAR Saturday, October 31 9:00-4:00pm Lifetouch Photo Directory Portrait Sessions 1:30-3:30 Youth Ministry at Schuyler Ridge Nursing Home 3:00-3:30pm Confession, Church 4:00pm Mass !

Sunday, November 1 8:00am Mass 9:15-10:30am Grades K-5 Faith Formation Sessions 9:30-11:00am Grades 6-12 Seeking God Sunday 11:00am Mass 12:15-1:45pm 9th Grade Confirmation Preparation, Rooms 2/3 5:00pm All Souls Memorial Mass 6:00pm Young Adults of Corpus Christi Meeting, Room 8 7:00-8:00pm Cub Scout Pack 44 Committee Meeting, Room 7 Monday, November 2 9:00am Mass 10:00am Morning Coffee 10:00-12:00pm Church Mice Pricing, Rooms 4/5 5:00-9:00pm NAV-ED Training, Rooms 2/3 6:00-7:00pm Mother Mary’s Rosary Group, DMC Exposition & Rosary 7:00-8:30pm Boy Scout Troop 42, Parish Hall Tuesday, November 3 6:00am-9:00pm Election Day, Parish Hall 9:00am Prayer Service 10:00am Craft Fair Meeting, Room 7 10:00-12:00pm Women’s Bible Study, Room 8 4:30-5:30pm Grades 1-3 Faith Formation, Rooms 3-6 7:00-8:30pm Knights of Columbus Meeting, Rooms 2/3 7:30-9:00pm Baptismal Preparation Class, Room 8 Wednesday, November 4 9:00am Prayer Service (Rosary After) 5:00-9:00pm NAV-ED Training, Rooms 2/3 7:00-8:30pm Pastoral Council Executive Committee, Room 7 !!

Thursday, November 5 9:00am Prayer Service 10:00-12:00pm Craft Fair Set-Up 6:00-9:00pm Mosey-A-Round, Parish Hall 6:30-8:30pm Evangelization, Room 8 6:30-7:30pm 9th Grade Meeting for Parents & Teens, DMC 7:00-8:30pm Adult Choir Rehearsal, Church !!

Friday, November 6 9:00am Mass (in the Church) 10:00am Morning Coffee 10:00-12:00pm Homeschool Program, Rooms 2/3 12:00-5:00pm Craft Fair Vendor Set-Up, DMC 5:00-9:00pm NAV-ED Training, Rooms 2/3 6:30-8:00pm iGod Project, Youth Ministry !!

Saturday, November 7 9:00-6:00pm Craft Fair 3:00-3:30pm Confession, Church 4:00pm Mass !

Sunday, November 8 8:00am Mass 9:00-1:00pm Craft Fair 11:00am Mass 12:15-1:45pm Cub Scout Pack 44 Pack Meeting, Parish Hall 7:00-8:00pm Contemporary Music Ensemble Rehearsal, Church

BIRTHRIGHT BOTTLES! Please return all Birthright baby bottles to the collection box in the Gathering Area. If you took a bottle and are unable to donate at this time, please return the empty bottle so they can use it next year. We are currently missing 59 (out of 100) bottles!




STORY FROM A PARISHIONER: THE POWER OF THE ROSARY! My husband and I were at the 8 AM Sunday mass two weeks ago and heard Father Larry's sermon about praying the rosary and its miraculous power. We sat in the pew with heavy hearts because after mass we were driving to Boston for a Monday morning appointment at Brigham & Women's Hospital. We were scheduled to meet with the Director of Neurosurgery because the pituitary (brain) tumor my husband had removed in 2000 and 2007 had grown back. His surgeon at Albany Med did not want to operate again, and referred us to a Radiation Oncologist who recommended 8 weeks of radiation, 5 days per week.

Saturday, November 7, 9am-6pm Sunday, November 8, 9am-1pm The Craft Fair is one of the largest fundraisers at Corpus Christi! There is something for the whole family: -Over 30 vendors with unique crafts (great for Christmas gifts!) -Church Mice (handmade items for sale made throughout the year by Corpus Christi parishioners) -Crafts for Kids (your children will work with members of the Youth Ministry to create their own gifts!) -Over a dozen items and baskets to raffle -Bake Sale -Lunch and coffee throughout the day This is the perfect family event as we anticipate the Christmas season! Be sure to make time to stop by. And we need your help! Volunteers are needed to help set up and take down tables, serve lunch, assist with the raffles, bake for the bake sale. Please, offer a couple hours of time for this event. Sign up sheets and schedules are in the Gathering Area.

GUIDELINES FOR BRINGING EUCHARIST TO THE SICK AND HOMEBOUND! Currently, people who are bringing Eucharist to someone who is sick or homebound have been able to get a consecrated host from the tabernacle before Mass begins, put it in their purse or pocket until after Mass, and bring it home with them. Others have been known to makes stops or run errands before bringing Communion to the individual who is sick. Yet others have taken two or three hosts to make visits over a period of days. Fr. Larry has observed some of this improper handling of the Eucharist, brought it to our attention and has clarified the guidelines. If you are coming to Mass, please do not pick up the consecrated host until after Mass, so you are able to bring it right to the one who is sick or homebound. If you are coming during the week, please do not pick up the consecrated host until you are ready to go directly to the home of the sick or homebound.

The following morning as we drove to the hospital, I prayed the rosary aloud in the car while listening to Father Peyton's "Praying the Rosary" CD. The results? The Director of Neurosurgery saw no change from last year’s MRI and this year’s and did not recommend surgery or radiation for my husband. I immediately thought of Father Larry's sermon and the power of the rosary. Our Lady certainly does listen. One more note - when I initially called Brigham & Women's Hospital seeking a second opinion, the first person I spoke with from this huge hospital was a young man whose voice was calm and compassionate as he explained the medical process to me. His name? JOSEPH 50 CDs of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet have been donated to the parish for distribution to interested parishioners. Please pick one up from the CD rack in the Gathering Area.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS! K of C Charitable and Benevolent Raffle Stop by the gathering area after Mass and support the K of C's "C & B" raffle. First prize is $25,000, second prize is $10,000, third prize is $5,000 with ten $1,000 prizes. $1/ticket, and $10/12 tickets. Drawing is Dec 5, 2015. Bring your return address labels to expedite filling out the tickets. Raffle tickets are available after Mass and at the K of C monthly breakfast. This raffle will support Catholic Education, Special Olympics, Disaster Relief, Sisters of Life, Religious Vocations, and Coats for Kids. Entertainment Books The 2016 Edition of the Entertainment Book is now available at the Parish through the Knights of Columbus. The book offers $1000s in savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and much more! This fundraiser helps support the Adapted Sports Program for Disabled Veterans. Books are only $25.00 and will be available after weekend Masses and in the office during the week.

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT! Christmas bells are ringing!

Reverence for the Eucharist is to take the precious Body and Blood from the tabernacle, place it in a pyx to be served to the sick or homebound as soon as possible. Carrying the host to the market or a friend's house or a diner is disrespectful.

It’s time to think ahead to this year’s Christmas Pageant! We’ve had great success in the past couple years with many children involved as singers, bell-ringers, readers, and actors. Children in grades 3 and higher are encouraged to participate in this wonderful event. The performance will be on Sunday, December 20 in the Parish Hall during the Breakfast with Santa!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or get further clarification directly from Fr. Larry. Thanks so much.

Rehearsals will be on Tuesday evenings from 6:15-7:00pm starting November 10. Parents are welcome to stay for the rehearsals.

NOVEMBER 1, 2015

JOIN US: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CORPUSCHRISTICHURCHNY National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW) is an annual week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promote vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life through prayer and education, and to renew our prayers and support for those who are considering one of these particular vocations. NVAW began in 1976 when the U. S. bishops designated the 28th Sunday of the year for NVAW. In 1997, this celebration was moved to coincide with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which falls on January 13 in 2013. Beginning in 2014, NVAW was moved to the first full week of November.

The Diocese of Albany maintains a webpage that includes information for men and www.albanyvocations.org women who may be interested in discerning a religious vocation. There are FAQ Contact the office for further information: 877-8506 pages for parents, video clips on the priesthood and religious life, slideshows, Or, contact Fr. Anthony Ligato, Vicar for Vocations audio clips, and much more. Please take a look for yourself and share the website in the Diocese of Albany: [email protected] with people who may be good candidates for the priesthood or religious life.

Becoming a Sister What happens? How long does it take? Most religious communities have several stages by which one becomes a member: Inquirer: A woman contacts a community vocation director, asks lots of questions, eventually finds that God is calling her to this specific community. She then moves through the application process, involving interviews, an autobiographical essay, physical and psychological screening, letters of recommendation, transcripts of study, and other steps. Candidate or Postulant: The woman begins her formal journey by spending one or two years “as though” she were a member of the community. She continues her ministry or study, lives with the community, and experiences community life “from the inside.” She meets regularly with a director and frequently takes advantage of special workshops or opportunities to grow in the spirituality of the community. Novice: The most sacred part of the journey. Here the woman, now known formally as a Sister, spends two years in intense prayer, reflection, study of the spirit and history of the community, and coming to know herself as God’s Beloved. Central to the novitiate is the study of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as the novice prepares for her first profession. Often novices are given the opportunity to experience some of the ministry of the community. The novitiate experience is the heart of formation as a Sister. Profession of Vows: After her novitiate and an extended retreat, a novice professes her first vows and becomes a member of the community. These vows are ordinarily for three to five years, allowing the new Sister to continue her formation, study, and reflection. At the end of the period of temporary vows, the Sister makes final profession in the congregation. Throughout her time of formation, the Sister is supported by members of the community and by regular retreats, recollection days, spiritual direction and spiritual reading, and a host of other opportunities to deepen her interior life.

NOVEMBER 1, 2015


THANKSGIVING BASKETS! Again, this year Corpus Christi is organizing Thanksgiving dinner baskets for a number of families in the local area, providing turkeys, hams, canned goods and other food to last them at least a week. Starting Sunday, November 1st, please leave non-perishable items such as canned vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce, coffee, sugar, flour, baby food, stuffing mix, tea, napkins, and new reusable grocery bags in the Thanksgiving Basket Project donation bin located in the church gathering area. Please leave perishable items such as butter, Apples, Oranges, Celery and Pies in the refrigerator in the kitchen. All food should be delivered to the church by Sunday, November 22nd. Please contact Linda Marra-Thompson (366-6955 or email [email protected]) with any questions or if you would like to help us out with sorting and packing the baskets for the families on Tuesday November 24th. The recipients are so grateful and overwhelmed with your gift giving generosity. Thank you.

HEALING MASS! Charismatic Mass and Healing Service, Christ Our light 1 Maria Dr.,Loudonville. Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 7pm. Prayer and Praise, Mass: 7:30pm, Healing Service to follow. All are welcome, please bring a friend. For info: Call Ruth 785-0905.

ALBANY DIOCESAN CEMETERIES! Albany Diocesan Cemeteries offer a Christmas Decoration program with blankets, wreaths and vases available for purchase to honor your loved ones buried in Albany Diocesan Cemeteries. Albany/Rensselaer contact: 518-463-0134; Schenectady contact: 518-374-5319; information: www.CapitalDistrictCemeteries.org

CARE LINKS: HELP NEEDED! Care Links is in need and asking for volunteers to help drive seniors to doctors appointments, grocery shopping also to visit with those who are alone, etc. and unable to get out on their own. With enough volunteers, you might get called once a month or possibly once a week. One of the nice things is that if you are not available, they will tell you "That is fine we will try you next time." If you go away for the winter your name will just be put on hold. Please call: Jackie (518) 810-1150.

SARATOGA CENTRAL CATHOLIC! Saratoga Central Catholic School will be having a Veteran's Day Prayer Service on Tuesday November 10 at 1:00pm in St. Peter's Church. Please join us as we honor those who served our country with valor, courage and sacrifice. Please extend this invitation to all Veteran's and their families. Saratoga Central Catholic School, educating Grades 6-12, will be having an "Open House" on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 between 6:00-8:00pm at 247 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. This is the perfect opportunity for prospective students to meet with and ask questions of our Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents. We will be happy to set up a day for your child to participate in our "SCC-Saint-for-a-Day" Program. Info: call Ellen at 587-7070 x108.

AURIEL CAMERATA CONCERT! Auriel Camerata, a new professional vocal chamber ensemble from Schenectady, NY, is planning their first performance of its second season on Saturday, November 7th at 7:30 PM at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 58 Third Street, Troy. Tickets are $25 general admission, and $15 for students with ID at the door. General admission tickets available online at www.aurielcamerata.org. Performance includes the Bach motets “Lobet den Herrn”, “Komm, Jesu komm”, “Jesu meine Freude” and the virtuosic “Rosary” Sonatas by Heinrich Biber, played by rising young Baroque violinist from Mexico, Juan Carlos Zamudio . For more information, visit aurielcamerata.org.

PERPETUALIFE CARE! Join us for a fun evening showcasing an exciting new pro-life initiative in the Albany diocese that combines crisis pregnancy care, education about fertility, and restorative reproductive health care for women all in one innovative center. Help us to care for women while honoring their dignity and the sanctity of human life. Please take this opportunity to learn more at our wine and cheese fundraiser November 13th at 7pm at St. Ambrose Church in Latham. Tickets are $20. Register by email via [email protected] or visit www.perpetualifecare.org to purchase tickets, make a donation or send donation to PO Box 459, Ballston Spa, NY 12020

HEROIN EPIDEMIC! “Riding the Down Spiral: A Response to the Impact of the Heroin epidemic on Our Community” will be offered jointly by the Consultation Center and Our Lady of the Assumption Parish on Monday, November 9 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, 498 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Latham. Participants include Paul Grondahl, Father Peter Young, Dr. Neil Cervera and Geri Dydych. For registration and more information call 518-489-4431.

11-1-15 Bulletin B.pdf

We are currently missing 59 (out of 100) bottles! Saturday 4:00pm Janice DeLoriea by Valerie Pisano. Rev. James Clark. by Fred & Pat Calicchia-Anderson.

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