11 003.001

11 003.002

@Q® ª Jƒ@

à @ð


Hud 11 003.003

11 003.004

 ÕºK. P

Ñ K Hud

Hud 11 003.005

11 003.006

  @ñK. ñK

éJ Ë@ Hud

11 003.007

Hud 11 003.008


A«AJ Ó Hud

11 003.009

Hud 11 003.010


 AJ‚k Hud


seek the forgiveness you Translit: @Q ® ª Jƒ@ ista˙gfiru¯ a

and that Translit: à @ð w¯ ani

and then  Translit: ÑK tumma

(of) your Lord Translit: ÕºK. P rabbakum

to Him Translit: éJ Ë@ ilayhi

in repentance turn  Translit: @ñK . ñK tuwbuw-¯ a

enjoyment  Translit: A«AJÓ mat¯ a,an

that He may grant you  Translit: ÕºªJÜ ß yumatti,kum

for Translit: ú Í@ ila¯ a¯ a

good  Translit: AJ ‚ k h.asanan


11 003.011

11 003.012

Ég. @

ù Ò ‚ Ó Hud

Hud 11 003.013

11 003.014


H ZñK ð Hud 11 003.015

Hud 11 003.016


ø X  Hud 11 003.017

Hud 11 003.018

éÊ ’ ¯

à@ ð Hud

11 003.019

Hud 11 003.020


 úGA ¯  Hud


appointed  Translit: ù ҂ Ó musamm¯ a’n

a term Translit: Ég. @ aˇgalin 

(to) every  Translit: É» kulla

and bestow  ZñK ð wayuw-ti Translit: H

(of) grace Translit: ɒ ¯ fad.lin 

owner a Translit: ø X d¯ı¯ ¯

and if ð w¯a’n Translit: à@

Grace (His) Translit: éʒ ¯ fad.lahu

(say) I  Translit: úGA ¯ f¯ a’nn¯ a¯ı 

they turn away  Translit: @ñ Ëñ K tawallaw¯ a

11 003.021

11 003.022

¬ Ag @

ÕºJ Ê« Hud

11 003.023

Hud 11 003.024

H. @ Y «

Ð ñK Hud

11 003.025

Q J.»  Hud


for you Translit: ÕºJ Ê« ,alaykum

fear Translit: ¬ Ag @ ah¯ a’fu

Day (the Day of Ressurection) Translit: Ð ñ K yawmin 

the torment . @ Y « ,ada¯aba Translit: H ¯


(of) a Great Translit: Q J.» kab¯ıyrin 

11 003.001 Hud 11 003.002 Hud 11 003.003 Hud 11 ...

for you fear. Translit: Kui salaykum. أخاف :Translit aha. ' fu. Day (the Day of Ressurection) the torment. Translit: ?i yawmin. Translit: lúé cadaāba. (of) a Great. Translit: s kabīyrin.

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