REVIEW PUZZLE: Gilded Age (including Westward Expansion) Objective: The student will identify significant key terms from this time period..

Materials Needed: 1. A set of puzzles for each group; 2. Desk or floor space for student groups to complete the puzzles. Teaching Strategy: 1.

Use this activity after students have studied the events and individuals from this time period of World History as a follow-up to check for understanding or as a test review.


Divide the class into groups of three or four students each.


Provide each group with a set of the puzzle pieces. (Note: A blank completed puzzle is attached to help students understand what the end result will look like).


Allow time for student groups to read, discuss and complete the puzzles.


After puzzles have been completed, a short matching quiz is provided to help assess student understanding.

Unit: Westward Expansion/ Gilded Age

This man was the founder of the Carnegie Steel Company. He promoted philanthropy among the wealthy industrialists known as the Gospel of Wealth.

Andrew Carnegie This act was part of the Americanization movement of Native American tribe. Each family was given 160 acres of reservation land.

Dawes Act In 1896, a discovery near this river in Alaska caused a rush for gold that brought miners to the west.


The increase of these brought new innovations and capital to expand American industry.

Entrepreneurs During the Gilded Age, the economy saw a rise in this, often seen as more efficient but also as unfair competition.

Big Business

Social Gospel The religious revival that focused on the problems in urban areas, people could gain salvation by serving the poor.

Unit: Westward Expansion/ Gilded Age

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