(Abstract Data Type) BY DE ROSAL IGN. MOSES S.

What is ADT? 

ADT defined in terms of its data items and associated operations, not its implementation.

In other word, ADT must have data + operation (function) Abstract Data Type Data


Analogy of ADT 




nim = 12345


Operation showStudent

ADT in C Programming We can use struct for data and procedure or function for operations  One ADT in one directory: 

 Specification :  Body  Test


of primitives : .c

driver as main

ADT specification never contains variables  Variable declaration in the main program that uses ADT 

ADT of Object Collection 

Array/ Table

2 dimensional array /Matrix

Linear list





What is Stack? 

Basically way to store information

The characteristic is LIFO (Last In First Out)

Stack has two main behaviors: 


: Add item to top


: Remove item to top

Stack Pointer

Top 5 4

Stack Pointer always points to the top element


Top element called TOP


TOP is the only address where the operation occurs



Ilustration of Stack Top

Push(1) Push(3) Push(5) Pop() Pop()

5 3 1

Bottom Stack Pointer


Stack Implementation In C

With Array (Static memory allocation) 


Main Program

Function push

Function pop

Function show

Result 

Function Show

ADT - Stack

ADT Stack in C

Referensi 

Diktat Struktur Data ITB edisi 2008

Introduction to Data Structure/ IF2030 Algoritma dan Struktur Data 2009

Stack(tumpukan), Tim Pengajar IF2030, 2009

Youtube Video (Data StructuresAbstract Data Type (ADT))

Youtube Video (What is a Stack Data Structure - An Introduction to Stacks)


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